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Netizens praise Its Showtime for refreshing ReINA ng Tahanan segment celebrating stories of moms

Netizens praised It’s Showtime for the new segment “ReINA Ng Tahanan” that gave ordinary mothers the chance not only to showcase their beauty, skills and talents, but also narrate their personal stories that truly touched viewers’ hearts.

A commenter hailed it as one the best segments ever conceived on TV, as more congratulated the show for the refreshing idea to see beloved mothers on the It’s Showtime stage as they “deserve the glam, exposure, the fun, and the break.”

Others see it as a form of a grandiose talk show, with judges being famed former talk show hosts—Janice de Belen, Ruffa Gutierrez and Tyang Amy Perez. A great many netizens felt teary-eyed with the stories told during the segment, as more said they loved it.

 “ReINA ng Tahanan” might have presented itself as a mere pageant-like contest at first, but it turned out to be a moving tell-all for the contestants that really struck a deep chord among the madlang people.

As the competition transpired, hosts Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro, and the segment’s “Choose-Gados” Janice, Ruffa, and Tyang Amy, were all visibly emotional as they heard the three ReINAnays’ touching stories that have been truly relatable to many.

Helen Uvas, 53, from Project 4, Quezon City was hailed as the daily winner on Saturday, bringing home P10,000, a sash and a crown for being the “ReINA-nay of the Day.”



Her story of being a dedicated, loving mother despite a number of miscarriages and her husband’s alcoholism earned the admiration of the judges, as she received a perfect score of 10 points. She also did a Zumba dance in the talent portion.

Helen’s husband Linus took part in the segment in the “Inay, thank you” portion, wherein a person close to the contestant’s heart who would ask a question he or she longed to ask her. Linus asked Helen if she has ever thought of giving up on him, especially during the time he made life difficult for her when he was an alcoholic.



Helen told Linus he never thought of giving up even with all the terrible ordeals they faced as she would remain steadfast in her love for him and for their children, with God’s help. She also revealed that her husband has since reformed and that they are both part of the Catholic charismatic group. Couples for Christ.

Myra Antonio, 57, from Caloocan City came in second with a score of 8.3, with her tale of similarly being a dedicated and loving housewife, yet impressed judges for being a supportive mother to son Daniel, who appeared in the “Inay thank you” portion. He asked his mom if she has given up on him, given that he has not found a stable job to help support them during the pandemic. Myra assured her son that she will be there for him no matter what, and that she only would think of his welfare first and foremost. 



Myra sang the traditional OPM tune “Ang Pipit” in the talent portion.

A young mother, Kyle Elpedes, 23, proved to have touched viewers the most with her moving story. Having been a mother at 16, Kyle expressed both regret yet said considered her three children from two fathers as blessings. In tears, she faced her mother Jennifer, who asked her in the “Inay thank you” portion why she committed the same mistakes she made as a teenage single mom, given that they faced so many problems and ordeals together. Kyle would tearfully ask for forgiveness over having not learned from her mistakes, and repeated them despite knowing all the hardships they’ve went through. 



Kyle also performed the Nicki Minaj song “Super Bass” in the talent portion after doing a sample of her live selling. She ended up third in the judging with 7.3 points.

Here are the warm netizen reactions on the new It’s Showtime segment: