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PAANDAR 2016: 2016’s Most Viral Dance Moves and Challenges on It’s Showtime

Getting to know that trending, viral dance or challenge is surely as easy as hitting and swiping that screen. But seeing it on It’s Showtime brings it to a whole new level.

You’ve got the raucous and fun It’s Showtime hosts bringing it on with the madlang people, who were just dazzled and thrilled to see them riding the wave.

Here are some of those most talked about, ravishing moves and dares that earned insane amounts of shares the past year—all featured in the nation’s leading noontime show.

Kulit Dance

Zeus Collins shows the way in teaching kids how to dance “Ang Kulit,” the theme of The Super Parental Guardians. Vice Ganda also steps in to offer his guidance.

Mannequin Challenge

Vice oversees this immensely popular challenge that involved the hosts, performers, production crew, and the audience.

Pak Ganern

Vice, Vhong, Billy and Jhong take centerstage to determine who will end up the last man standing in the ultimate battle of titans in this revered challenge.

Tatlong Bibe

In the spirit of unity, It’s Showtime hosts called on the madlang people to join them in singing their anthem of togetherness amid a change in government.

Pineapple Pen Apple Pen

Vhong teaches his fellow It’s Showtime hosts and the audience the simple yet addicting tune and dance steps that captured our hearts and minds on YouTube.

Trumpets Challenge

Vice, Vhong and Billy demonstrate that wily and wacky move.

Horn Dance

Vice, Vhong and Karylle encourage the Hashtags and the GirlTrends to dance this trending move with more energy, intensity and fierceness as they motivate the madlang people to the same.