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Once upon a Twitterserye: Pastillas Girl’s journey to forever

After this sudden rise to fame, she appeared on It's Showtime's segment "adVice Ganda" on September 11, Friday and asked for advice about her ex-boyfriend who is now dating her best friend.

Close to tears, Angelica narrated how she tried to move on from the whole thing. As it turns out, the man behind the pastillas story may not be real but the hugot could possibly come from that deeply-rooted feeling.

"Yang mga oras na 'yan na tumatawa ka. Matapos kang magalit at umiyak tapos tumawa ka ulit, ang sarap ng feeling. At alam mo 'yang pagtawa mo ngayon, 'yan 'yung nakakapikon sa mga taong gumanyan-ganyan sa 'yo," Madam Bertud complimented Angelica on her courage to stand up after the painful heartbreak.

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