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Once upon a Twitterserye: Pastillas Girl’s journey to forever
Gone are the days when television is the only means to make someone famous. Last week, a short video clip made the rounds on the internet. The same video was uploaded on a viral Facebook Page, which made it garner more views, even reaching to more than 2 million.


The latest internet darling is 21-year-old Angelica Jane Yap, dubbed as "Pastillas Girl," from Quezon City. Born on April 16, 1994, the Mass Communication student from Far Eastern University currently works as an Account Support Associate at VXI Global, a BPO center.

In her viral video, she compared making pastillas de leche to experiencing heartbreak. "Kumuha ka ng condensed milk, powdered milk, at asukal. Tatlo lang. Oo, tatlo lang. Hindi lima, hindi anim, hindi pito. Tatlo lang. Hindi kasingdami ng babae mo," started the funny video with a couple of foul lines.

Angelica clarified in her Facebook account: "(this is just a request guys i'm not pertaining to anyone this is scripted we made this out of fun i just had to act it out so it would be realistic naman sorry na mass com student eh i need to be in character but thanks for sharing tho this is for those who have "hugots" and have fun!)."
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