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Search for Pastillas Girl's Mr. Pastillas intensifies on "It's Showtime"
The search for online sensation Pastillas Girl’s new inspiration continues on “It’s Showtime” after three of her admirers faced off Thursday (Sept 17) in a bid to impress her.
Topher, a member of last week’s studio audience, Jess, who flew in from Bacolod after expressing his attraction to Pastillas Girl on Twitter, and Evan, also from Twitter, have all said they are interested in getting to know Pastillas Girl (Angelica Jane Yap in real life) better and also opened up about their personal lives.
The lads were only three of the many who responded to the call of the “It’s Showtime” hosts, who volunteered to look for a person who will help Pastillas Girl mend her heartache. This was after Pastillas Girl got on the noontime show’s “Advice Ganda” segment where she also shared the story behind her viral video.
In the said segment, Pastillas Girl asked Vice when is the best time to fall in love again after a break-up. She also revealed that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with one of her friends.
Would Topher, Jess, and Evan do everything to prove their affection for Pastillas Girl? Will Pastillas Girl feel a real connection with one of them? Who else will appear on the show to see and talk to Pastillas Girl in person?
Viewers and netizens have gotten hooked on the search for Mr. Pastillas that “It’s Showtime” recorded a national TV rating of 18.2% last Tuesday (Sept 15), according to data from Kantar Media. Hashtags #ShowtimePastillasFTW, #ShowtimePastillas, and #ItsPastillasTime also became nationwide and worldwide trending topics.
Meanwhile, Ella Cruz and Sarah Lahbati were named the latest weekly winners of “Clash of Celebrities.” Ella impressed the audience in her sexy flying dance number, while Sarah unleashed her inner rock star in her song performance. Both actresses have qualified for the grand finals of the segment.
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