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It's Showtime Magpasikat Through The Years (2010 to 2017)

Nothing else could describe the unbridled awe and astonishment as It’s Showtime would open anniversary festivities each year with its hosts’ dazzling, imaginative, and extraordinary performances on Magpasikat.

And when these hosts are grouped to conceptualize, prepare, and perform their numbers each year, they would treat the Madlang People to an immensely surprising and awe-inspiring show. Through the years, these performances are truly unforgettable and jaw-dropping, making us all witness how extremely talented and even fearless and gritty they are in taking it to the next level.

Here are those outstanding Magpasikat showcases from 2010-2017 forever etched in our minds.

Magpasikat 2010

Watch Magpasikat 2010 performances HERE

Magpasikat 2011

Watch Magpasikat 2011 performances HERE

Magpasikat 2012

Watch Magpasikat 2012 performances HERE

Magpasikat 2013

Watch Magpasikat 2013 performances HERE

Magpasikat 2014

Watch Magpasikat 2014 performances HERE

Magpasikat 2015

Watch Magpasikat 2015 performances HERE

Magpasikat 2016

Watch Magpasikat 2016 performances HERE

Magpasikat 2017

Watch Magpasikat 2017 performances HERE