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MAJOR THROWBACK: It's Showtime Magpasikat 2013

Every year, the hosts of It’s Showtime showcase their talents to the madlang people in Magpasikat. 

This October, they will entertain us again with exciting performances to celebrate the noontime variety show’s 9th anniversary. Today, let us do a throwback at the one-of-a-kind production numbers of Magpasikat 2013.

Team Anne-Jhong

Anne Curtis and Jhong Hilario switched genders in an unforgettable dance number. Anne performed as a man while Jhong danced as a woman. The two eventually returned to their original outfits as the lovers in their story.

Team Ryan-Eruption

Ryan Bang and Eruption had a UFC-inspired performance and battled each other on the stage while dancing. Eruption also showed off his music skills by playing the piano while Ryan danced ballet. The duo also astounded the audience when they danced upside-down.

Team Karylle-Jugs-Teddy

Karylle, Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz surprised everyone with a very mind-boggling production number. They sang a song in gibberish and made a mess on stage that left the audience and judges puzzled. However, when the video of their performance was played in reverse, everyone realized that they actually performed the theme song of It's Showtime.

Team Vhong-Coleen-Billy

Vhong Navarro, Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford showed off their dance skills in a futuristic production number. The trio wowed everyone with their trippy dance number that made use of high-technology equipment like laser lights and video.

Team Vice-Kuya Kim

Vice Ganda performed solo since Kuya Kim Atienza had to take his rest after his successful recovery at the hospital. The Unkabogable Star proved he didn’t want to be outdone by the other groups and performed death-defying acrobatic stunts.

The five groups were judged by a special set of celebrity hurados. The judges were TV host Amy Perez, comedienne Ai-Ai de las Alas, Ruffa Gutierrez, and thespians Robert Seña and Isay Alvarez-Seña.

At the end of the week, the team of Billy, Vhong and Coleen got 3rd place, the team of Vice and Kuya Kim got 2nd place and the team of Teddy, Karylle and Jugs were proclaimed as the grand champions of Magpasikat that year.