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It's Showtime Magpasikat 2017

Team Billy, Amy & James' spectacular & visually impressive Magpasikat 2017 performance

It's Showtime Magpasikat 2017 kicked off with the spectacular magical performance from Billy Crawford’s team, including Amy Perez, James Reid, and several Hashtags and Girltrends members. The audiences and judges were delighted with elegant and colorful renaissance-inspired costumes and extravagant set design. But what left us totally shookt were the magic tricks they exhibited, such as the sudden changes in Amy’s costumes, James’ escape from a huge container filled with water, and Billy teleporting his whole team with a few waves of his wand. Watch HERE

Team Vice, Jugs & Teddy's Magpasikat 2017 performance that broke the internet 

The team of Vice Ganda, Jugs Jugueta, and Teddy Corpuz left viewers awestruck and broke the internet on October 17 when Teddy proposed to and married his wife Jasmine on national television for their Magpasikat Week performance on It’s Showtime. After Jugs and Vice performed a song and a reverse poem about love, Teddy surprised Jasmine, their kids, and the madlang people as he bent on one knee and asked his wife, “Will you marry me again?” Teddy’s ultimate romantic gesture did not end there, as he swore his undying devotion and exchanged “I do’s” with Jasmine. The wedding ceremony sent netizens abuzz and also became a trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines and worldwide. 

Watch The proposal and wedding of Teddy that moved viewers to tears 

Watch Vice's reverse poetry  about love that blows the minds of madlang people

Watch Jugs, GirlTrends and Hashtags' touching song and dance interpretation of "Somebody"


Team Anne, Ryan & Nadine's colorful Love Parade 

The team of Anne Curtis, Ryan Bang, and Nadine Lustre spread good vibes while inviting madlang people to join their “love parade” in a highly synchronized and colorful performance captured live in one continuous shot. Their performance was also accompanied by an all-original song “Join the Love Parade” that featured original rap parts by Hashtag Jimboy Martin and Ryan. Love, unity, and happiness was the message of Team Yellow's performance, which also marked the first time she and Nadine showcased on television their roller skating skills. Watch HERE


Team Vhong's powerful dance routine and mirror illusion act 

Vhong Navarro put a creative twist on the term “one-man show” as he performed a powerful dance routine and mirror illusion act built around the themes of isolation and loneliness for It’s Showtime’s Magpasikat Week. Vhong offered a visual treat for viewers as he performed synchronized dance moves with Hashtags and GirlTrends dressed up to look like him with the help of prosthetics, mimicking a mirror’s reflection. The performance, which Vhong said was a tribute to people who feel alone, brought the hurados and even the hosts to tears. Watch HERE


Team Karylle and Jhong's Ewwsome Love Musical

Karylle and Jhong Hilario ended It’s Showtime’s Magpasikat Week with a bang as they performed a live musical about an unconventional love story between two different insects to show that love knows no shape, form, and class. The musical combined romance, comedy, and drama to tell the story of a lowly cockroach, played by Jhong. He falls in love with a conceited caterpillar, portrayed by Karylle, who is blinded by her own beauty that she refuses the cockroach’s affection. But when she transforms into a butterfly and is no longer considered the most beautiful caterpillar in the world of insects, she discovers her own flaws and learns about the meaning of true love. Watch HERE