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7 funniest moments of Vice Ganda with Miss Q & A InterTALAKtic 2019 contestants

It has been more than a month since Miss Q & A Intertalaktic 2019 concluded and hailed its second queen Mitch Montecarlo Suansane. However, it still seemed difficult for us to move on from the witty retorts and remarks of the talented, fabulous, and amusing participants, as well as their hilarious banters with the gregarious hosts of It’s Showtime

But among the countless funny encounters we’ve seen, the scenes involving Vice Ganda stood out the most and we terribly found difficult to move on from because those didn’t only made us laugh, but also revealed something about him that we might find admirable or relatable.


Before becoming the multi-faceted celebrity who is idolized by many, particularly the members of the LGBT community, the Unkabogable Star was once a mischievous student who did a lot of relatable shenanigans that people of all ages could relate to. Just like what a classmate of him in college named Coco, to whom he had a rift with, imparted during his stint as a contestant in the November 30 episode. 

You better watch this video to find out what caused the misunderstanding between them and why the comedian still looked up to him.



Due to his formidable flair in comedy and incredible versatility, it’s truly impossible for him not to gain legions of fans from different parts of the world. One of them is the quick-witted stand-up comedian Brenda Mage who totally got us laughing the whole time when he recalled his hilarious first encounter with Vice in Japan and the touching gesture the latter did in order to grant his fervent wish to meet him in person. Aaaw.



In his two decades as a TV personality, the multi-hypenated star has been really vocal about his colorful romantic affairs which he usually uses as a subject of his witty hugots and funny jokes. But it seemed that the joke eventually became him when one of the contestants told him that a certain guy from his past wanted to extend his regards to him and claimed that it was their mutual ex-boyfriend. Uh-oh.


Apart from his unfailing comical prowess, the reason why many people idolize him is how clever he is when it comes to coming up with statements or skits that would surely leave us ROFL-ing (or rolling on the floor laughing). Just in the November 12 episode wherein he expressed his great interest to adopt the second contestant not as a companion but as a pet. Masaya na, Memeh?



While there are already a lot of people who showcased their incredible talent in voice impersonation. Miss Q & A participant Dionisia Clara is obviously the most standout for Vice as what his and co-host Jhong Hilario’s reactions suggested while letting him showcase the many voices he could portray – from female OPM singers to the karaoke machine voice prompt. Amazing!



It’s not every time that Memeh Vice is the one who relentlessly airs his complaints about life and love, he also knows how to listen to the qualms and explanations of other people. But there was an instance when he was taken aback when one of the contestants kept barking on him the reasons why he chose that certain BeklaVan stance or character instead of telling it to his rival. You’re so funny, Jhapett!



Last on this list was the drama-inspired sketch he and the contestants of the March 2, 2018 episode staged that showed how they fought over Hashtag Zeus Collins and proved his impressive acting chops that we usually see on It’s Showtime’s Lenten specials and his movies. Bravo!

These droll moments of Vice Ganda with the Miss Q & A participants don’t only display what exceptional talent he possesses, but his humility and sincerity as well, as he genuinely mingles and shares his spotlight with them for the world can see the undiscovered talent they also have. This little opportunities, most of the time, help pave the way for them to finally reach their once far-flung ambitions.