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How a gutsy Kwangky Florendo entered the 2019 Miss Q&A Grand Finals

From the very first day Kwangky Florendo started his journey on It’s Showtime’s Miss Q&A InterTALAKtic 2019, he already introduced himself with a comical and unpredictable personality. Knowing that his nickname

“Kwangky” was given to him by his friends because of his crazy behavior whenever he’s drunk, we may have underestimated Kwangky’s intelligence at first. However, Kwangky did not fail to show us that he is not just a funny candidate but also a smart one.

Day 1

As Kwangky became the daily winner among his two other competitors, he advanced to face the reigning queen of the competition. When asked if he will break up with his special someone if their plans in life doesn’t match,

Kwangky gave an honest answer and told us that he wouldn’t because their love for each other should empower them to talk, listen and resolve each other’s differences in their plans about life.

With a great supporting point for his answer, Kwangky defeated the first reigning queen this season, Bobby Barientos.

Day 2

On the first time he needed to defend his crown, Kwangky answered a very tough question about the status of the government in our country. If asked to choose whether he wants a messy Philippines with a Filipino leader or an orderly Philippines with a foreign leader, Kwangky preferred that the Filipinos are under the leadership of a foreigner if it means that we will have a better country. Kwangky pointed out that if having a fellow countryman as a government leader means that our country will be stagnant in growth, we rather give the leadership to the foreigners for the common good because they might have the solutions we are blinded to see. With this interesting answer, Kwangky was able to gain his second crown.

Day 3

For his third day, Kwangky succeeded to be the first ever candidate to secure his place in the semi-finals by giving us another excellent answer about love. Kwangky gave a strong and accurate answer about the existence of love even though the person isn’t getting the ‘kilig’ feels anymore with his/her loved one, saying that the ‘kilig’ feeling should not be the determining factor in love. Love is having an unexplainable connection with someone and it should be everlasting, Kwangky says.

Day 4

After securing his place in the semi-finals, Kwangky faced a strong opponent in Chad Lustre-Reid. To the question about the importance of having a proper farewell with someone, Kwangky tried to reason out that it isn’t important because not all goodbyes are forever. Meanwhile, Chad laid out that it is of grave importance especially with the people we love because we have to be secured that they know how much we love them before we part ways with them.

At this point, Chad took over Kwangky’s place as the reigning queen. Kwangky took his break in the competition, until the semi-finals week.


Going back in the competition after months of rest to fight for the crown and advance to the grand finals,

Kwangky stood on the stage once again with his wit and his intelligence as his weapons for the battle. In all his debates with the other semi-finalists, Kwangky surprised us with his ability to lay down a lot of good points and by how well he managed to rebut the arguments thrown to him.

Being able to lay down many strong and witty arguments from the first until the last match, Kwangky didn’t just gain the crowd’s favor but he was also able to impress the judges. With this, Kwangky successfully secure his spot on the grand finals.

Despite his somehow laid back demeanor, Kwangky has indeed proved us that he has the right wit to slay the weird and critical questions of It’s Showtime’s Miss Q&A. Will Kwangky’s gutsy personality be enough to let him be crowned as Miss Q&A’s next grand winner?

Let’s all find out in the upcoming grand finals of It’s Showtime’s Miss Q&A InterTALAKtic 2019 on Saturday, February 23.