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PAANDAR 2018: Those who posed a “serious threat” to the ViceJack love team

One of the undeniably most ‘kilig’ love teams on television is that of It’s Showtime’s Vice Ganda and Jackque Gonzaga or ViceJack. Since Vice randomly noticed ‘Ate Girl’ Jackque and had the sweetest exchange of impromptu banters with her during the last quarter of 2017, the Madlang People were smitten.

When year 2018 began and as months passed, the ViceJack tandem gained more love from all the audiences and became one of the most trending love teams of the year. Vice and Jackque’s ‘kilig’ videos of their banters in It’s Showtime got millions of views and supporters on social media.

But their love team was also challenged this year with a lot of people in the show. Before the year 2018 ends, let’s recall those who tried to pull Vice and Jackque apart from each other.

First on our list is none other than the greatest rival Jackque had this year: actress Bela Padilla. We all know that among the “third parties” ViceJack had, Bela gave the most “serious” challenge. In Bela’s time as a guest host in the show, she tried to distract Vice from getting close with Jackque several times. There was one unforgettable scene wherein Bela took over Jackque’s task in handing over the fishbowl of questions in Miss Q & A segment. But amidst Bela’s strong will to keep them apart, Jackque fought and did not let the ViceJack love team be ruined. Jackque competed with Bela in the best way she can, even if she had to wear the same outfit as Bela’s.


Next on the list is Vice’s ‘daughter’ Kim Chiu. Not getting used to seeing Vice with Jackque, Kim tried to get in the way of ViceJack. The Chinita Princess tried to question them in the beginning but eventually let Vice and Jackque be happy the rest of her days as a guest host in the show.


Apart from the guest hosts of It’s Showtime, Jackque also had to compete with Miss Q & A’s Kuya Escorts. And the first Kuya Escort who challenged the ViceJack love team is Arnold “Yam” Provido. Although Yam and Vice have always reiterated to Jackque that they are just friends, Yam once blurted out that he find Vice more attractive than Jackque.


Meanwhile, unlike Yam who just subtly made a challenging move against ViceJack, the next Kuya Escort, Greg Hawkins, has been very touchy with Vice and this act has always made Jackque so jealous. Nevertheless, when it comes to skills or talent, Jackque has always proved to Vice that she’s the better choice over Greg.


Finally, the one who currently challenges the ViceJack love team is the present Kuya Escort, Ion Perez. As Jackque’s longest rival so far, Ion has given her pretty tough competition. With Ion’s tantalizing eyes, Vice couldn’t help but be distracted. Good thing our Ate Girl Jackque knows how to turn Vice’s eyes back to her and how to compete against Ion in winning Vice’s “heart” whatever it takes.


2018 was a great year for ViceJack, and all of us are just so thrilled, electrified and giddy to see them together on the It’s Showtime stage! Will there be more “wannabes” who’ll try to pull them apart?