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‘Beki’ candidates outdo each other in Miss Q And A “Resbek” Week

The time has come for 15 aspiring beki beauty queens to prove once again that they are worthy of the crown as they battle each other out in the “resbek” week of “Miss Q and A” in “It’s Showtime.”


Last Monday (June 18), the returning candidates graced the stage and a new format was introduced to heat up the competition even more.


Three “resbeklas” every day will go head-to-head in “Tumpak! Ganern! Ganern,” where the first two candidates who will gain two points will proceed to the next round. Meanwhile, in “’Di Ba ‘Teh” round, the remaining contestants will debate on a topic and will pick a side to defend. They will be given 30 seconds for their opening statements and another 60 seconds to rebut each other.


Khei Perlaoan was the first to enter the semi-finals, followed by Angelika Mapanganib on Tuesday (June 19). But viewers are still up for big surprises as the remaining “rebesklas” Joey Jessa Tagalog, Venus Lara Garcia, Kristine Ibardolaza, Marjorie Ompong Bora Santillan, Ligaya Maligat, Barbie Anderson, Princess Khim Santillan, Elsa Droga Mendoza, and Dyosa Ariwawa Barasebe face off to secure a spot in the semi-finals.


Who among the remaining candidates will advance to the semi-finals and have a chance to join the grand finals on June 30?