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PAANDAR 2017: 5 Funniest Miss Q & A Moments on It’s Showtime

Our noontime TV viewing habit has become more delightful when It’s Showtime launched this year Miss Q and A, the beauty pageant that favors the genius in the gay participants more than their gorgeousness.

We already featured the winning and most unforgettable responses, so now, allow us to take you back to much anticipated competition’s funniest moments this year.

1. Matmat’s hilarious winning moment

Matrica Mae Matmat Centino already had her winning moment even prior to her victory as the second grand finalist of the competition. Because of her intense enthusiasm, she shoved the buzzer platform a bit and kneeled to the floor when her answer was confirmed accurate during the Tumpak, Ganern! Round. Oh, Matmat!

2. Anne accidentally hits front teeth with mic

Just when she and Vice Ganda were enjoying their conversation with a candidate, Anne Curtis hit her teeth with the mic she was holding when the vivacious contestant accidentally hit her hand. Luckily, the television darling’s front teeth weren’t chipped.

3. Waiting for the right answers

Third seems to be really the charm as it took Billy Crawford and Vice Ganda three questions before one of the contenders finally responded correctly. However, they and the madlang people had a fun time while waiting for the correct answers.

4. Funny “Droga”

Aside from her witty answers, Elsa “Droga” Mendoza made audiences adore her because of her hilarious antics and banters. Who would forget her mimicking Snapchat’s dog face filter?

5. Falling in love with Vice

Vice Ganda was hilariously taken aback while Anne Curtis and the studio audience were full of kilig when one of the contestants surprisingly said there was a possibility of falling in love with the Unkabogable Star rather than the dancer who gives question slips.

In the past six months of Miss Q and A on air, there’s certainly a lot of scenes that lingered in our minds as we find those too funny or uplifting. What’s your favorite moment of this well-received beauty pageant?