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Nicole Cordoves, ikinuwento kay Juliana ang pagkakaibigan nila ni Miss Universe Catriona

To celebrate Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray’s homecoming, reigning Miss Q & A Juliana Parizcova Segovia’s online show, And I Thank You! pieced together a special episode titled “Cat, Ganern!”

In this episode, Juliana featured one of Catriona’s closest friends, Miss Grand International 2016’s 1st Runner-Up and It’s Showtime’s Miss Q and A ‘on point hurado’ Nicole Cordoves.

Nicole shared some endearing and admirable facts about Catriona. According to Nicole, Catriona is a visionary and a team leader, who has been a model since she was young. Because of this, Catriona’s “core” had been formidable even before she joined pageants, unlike Nicole who somehow found it hard.

Based on Nicole’s personal experience in Binibining Pilipinas, the pageant had been a tough and tiring one because she was not strong-willed to win the competition. She admits that she and her other friends in the pageant needed to have mentors to push them. Nicole also revealed that she even questioned herself if she truly deserved the crown, something Juliana could relate to.

But when Nicole knew Catriona, she was inspired. Nicole saw that she didn’t need anyone to motivate her in winning the crown because she really was determined to get it. Nicole said that Catriona knew what she needed to do to reach her goal and did it passionately.

When it comes to winning, Nicole says that everything about Catriona really made her succeed.

Aside from Nicole’s revelations about her friend Catriona, she and Juliana also did some challenges that were related to Catriona. 

Their first challenge was doing their own signature walk. Juliana’s walk was named the “Tuta Walk”, inspired by Miss Universe 2001 Denise Quiñones of Puerto Rico. After Juliana, Nicole also did her “Sipa Walk”.

After doing these, Nicole and Juliana both tried other “signature walks,” such as the “Ihing-ihi Na Walk”, “Bagong Rebond Walk”, “Pasok Mga Suki Walk”, and “Nasaan Ako Walk”.

In line with this challenge, Nicole and Juliana briefly recollected how the naming of walks started in Filipino pageantry. It sprung from Venus Raj who first named her walk the “Pilapil Walk”. Venus broke the years-long drought of top place finishes of Philippines in the Miss Universe pageant, landing 4th Runner-Up in 2010. Since then, Philippines candidates became strong Miss U contenders, with Pia Wurtzbach bagging the country’s first crown in more than three decades in 2015, and Catriona winning the title last year.

Knowing that Catriona’s “Lava Walk” is difficult to surpass, Nicole advises upcoming candidates who will represent the Philippines in Miss Universe that their walk should match their personality.

For the second challenge, Nicole and Juliana sketched their own design for a gown. Nicole sketched a what she called the “Sunshine Gown”, while Juliana sketched a gown she named “QA Gown”.

Before doing the second challenge, Nicole revealed that Catriona’s gown was meticulously made. It took weeks to finish Catriona’s gown, and its colors were all carefully designed, picked and placed.

Finally, Nicole and Juliana did the last challenge, which is the Q&A Portion. In this challenge, they both answered some Miss Universe questions.

To emphasize the importance of this portion in every pageant, Nicole said it shows if the candidate truly has what it takes to be win the crown, as it gives them the opportunity to present advocacies.

Catriona needed no lengthy instruction to ace this portion, Nicole said. Nicole saw that Catriona only needed exposure given her deep immersion in her advocacy of education for underprivileged children. 

Nicole just told Catriona to tell a moving story to support her advocacy.

Watch all these and more in the special “Cat, Ganern!” episode of Juliana’s “And I Thank You!” online show. Be sure to catch it always every Tuesday at 5pm on the It's Showtime Online Universe.