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Mitch Montecarlo Suansane shows the magic of second chances in Miss Q&A journey

While many of us easily give up or be demotivated once faced with difficulties in life that truly challenged us, there are still who remained sturdy and unfazed in spite of the innumerable setbacks and rejections we undergo. Just like It’s Showtime’s Miss Q & A Intertalaktic 2019 grand finalist Mitch Montecarlo Suansane who is a living testimony that victory is indeed sweeter the second time around.



Those who do stand-up comedy are known for their fantastic impersonations of famous artists. And for Mitch, it’s the French-Canadian singer Celine Dion, whose nuances onstage and voice when speaking and singing he mimicked on his first day in the competition on August 23, 2018, which really astounded the madlang people. 


As he moved on to the “Wit Lang” portion along with another candidate, hosts Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda quizzed him about his gay pageant experience and how did he come up with his screen name. 

According to him, he’s no longer joining beauty contests that much because he more prefers watching them. But he decided to join this time on Miss Q & A because like our other gay friends, it’s also his frustration to become a beauty queen. Jestingly, it’s because he is currently in dire need of money.

When it comes to his chosen screen name, he imparted that it was inspired by the surname of the Miss Universe 2016 top placer Chalita Suansane of Thailand. 


Due to his impressive wit and hilarious antics on-stage, he was able to win the favor of the madlang people, making him win the Beklavan against his opponent.


However, it seemed that the wisdom and confidence he had for that day weren’t enough to dethrone then reigning queen Kwangky Florendo who was able to keep his crown and move on to the semi-finals.


After almost six months, Mitch was given another chance to prove himself in the prestigious competition when he became one of the “resbekies” during the Resbak Week of Miss Q & A Season 2. This time, he once again showcased his impressive Celine Dion impersonation by belting out the classic “The Power of Love” and brought us into laughter with his funny antics and banters with the hosts.


In the end, he was able to take home the highly aspired sash and crown, which were the tickets to the semifinal round, alongside fellow contender Dionisia Dela Fuente.


He indeed came prepared and determined to extend his run up to the grand finals as he wowed everyone with his courage in challenging the three other contestants and knocked them all out with his laudable retorts to the tricky questions in the “Tumpak Ganern! Ganern!” round: “Kanino mas close si Robin, kay Batman o kay Mariel?”, “Sinong mas okay na tropa, si Lotus Feet o si Sadako?”, and “Ano ang mas masarap, halik o yakap?”.


Is Mitch going to be the Miss Q & A Intertalaktic 2019? Find out by watching the grand finals on Saturday, February 23, on It’s Showtime!