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Throwback: It’s Showtime Magpasikat 2012

Every October, the It’s Showtime” hosts entertain the madlang people with their incredible and unforgettable performances in “Magpasikat”. This week, to celebrate the noontime variety show’s 7th anniversary, they will showcase their talent in more exciting and thrilling surprises, but before those, let us look back at their entertaining production numbers last 2012.

IT'S SHOWTIME 3rd Anniversary: Anne & Karylle Performance

Anne Curtis and Karylle astounded the audience when they became circus performers. Their spectacular and heart-stopping circus performance, which paid tribute to the four elements of nature (land, fire, air, and water), included eating tamilok (or shipworm) and crickets, fire dancing, aerial acrobatics, and synchronized swimming.

IT'S SHOWTIME 3rd Anniversary: Coleen & Eruption Performance

Former It’s Showtime hosts Coleen Garcia and Eruption, together with Baby Joy Rendon, showed the different dances of New Zealand, India, Africa and the Philippines. Comedian Jon Santos, model Andy Smith, and dancer Gab Valenciano also participated in their performance.

IT'S SHOWTIME 3rd Anniversary: Jugs & Teddy Performance

Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz had the studio audience and other hosts dance to their own version of Psy’s “Gangnam Style”. The duo reworked the lyrics but retained the tune of the song and created “Epal Ang ‘Yong Style”. Child star Bugoy Cariño and actress Cristine Reyes also joined them in their extremely fun production number.


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