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Netizens praise Team Jugs and Teddy’s Magpasikat show as “brilliant, entertaining”

Team Jugs and Teddy drew praise from netizens and viewers for their performance in Magpasikat 2018, as part of It’s Showtime’s week-long 9th anniversary special.

The team of Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz, which also included Hashtags Zeus Collins, Vitto Marquez, and Maru Delgado and GirlTrends Mica Javier and Joana Hipolito, gave a touching performance about a father’s sacrifice and hard work for his child. It showed that a father’s love is so unbreakable, immeasurable and unconditional that he will do everything just to make his child happy.

WATCH: Magpasikat 2018: Team Jugs and Teddy touches hearts with father and son's love "live on TV"

In the production number, Teddy portrayed this kind of father, who was hard-up yet went to great lengths just to grant his son’s wish of having a TV, even if it was quite unusual and over-the-top. Who could think of building an improvised structure that looked like a TV with Teddy, Jugs and their teammates playing the TV characters from such shows as FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano and Meteor Garden on a makeshift screen, just to make the son, portrayed by Karlo Ezekiel Torres, feel the joy of watching a real TV set?

Without a doubt, netizens were delighted, amused and moved by their performance, as seen in these posits.
















Team Jugs and Teddy has the most number of Magpasikat wins through the years due to their “out-of-the-box” concepts. Will they again emerge as the winner in this year’s Magpasikat? Let’s all find out this week as we celebrate It’s Showtime’s 9th anniversary.