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PAANDAR 2017: Top 10 Exhilarating and Unbelievable Cash-Ya Moments on It’s Showtime

Cash-Ya may have been launched just this year, but we are able to witness the most bizarre and mind-boggling challenges we have watched on national television ever!

Win or lose, Vice Ganda and Nadine Lustre’s teams’ main goal was not to bag the cash prize, but to have fun and give the madlang people sheer amusement.

Their implausible strategies never fail to leave us all stoke every day. Let’s take a look back at some of the most notable Cash-Ya moments that wowed us and made us exclaim “Bravo!”

The Unkabogable Star just proved how clever he is when their whole group was able to fit in a picture frame. Their technique? Just watch the video for you to see.

WATCH: Mapagkasya kaya ng Team Vice ang 9 na mukha sa picture frame?

Anne Curtis unleashed the Kim Bok Joo in her not only by copping her get-up, but by showing off her super strength as she carried some of their members one-by-one to pile them up. They weren’t able to accomplish the sleeping mat challenge as the mound of nine people fell off. Still, Team Nadine did a great job!

WATCH: Anne, binuhat ang team members para pagkasyahin sa sleeping mat

She just signed her contract as a certified Kapamilya then, and the first gig given to her was to temporarily host the noontime show. As a part of her task, Pia Wurtzbach had to join Team Nadine in the platform roll challenge. In her pursuit of rolling on top of her teammates, Queen P accidentally fell down on the floor. But Pia handled it like a regal.

WATCH: Pia, hindi inaasahang mahulog habang ginagawa ang CashYa Challenge

Usually, newspaper dance is done individually or by pairs. But in It’s Showtime, there’s no need to dance to the music nor fold the paper, just to fit majority of the team on it. For them to possibly include nine of their group, Nadine carried one of her members on her shoulders while on high-heels! However, this effort didn’t pay off – kasya pero ‘di kinaya.

WATCH: Nadine, nagbuhat ng team member kahit naka-heels

It’s Showtime staffer Ervin “Dumbo” Plaza has been a subject of teases ever since. And he seemed to have taken his revenge as he joined Team Vice in their quest to win that day and almost pressed their leader after their attempt. Watch how their hilariously took the dare!

WATCH: Vice Ganda, muntik nang madaganan ni Dumbo

Team Nadine’s success in squeezing four of their bevy in a chicken coop was questioned by their rivals, but the Madlang People and staff decided that they made it. Kasya at kinaya!

WATCH: Team Nadine, walang takot na pumasok sa kulungan ng manok

It’s already difficult to carry someone over your shoulders while having to keep a broomstick from falling between your legs, sans holding it. But It’s Showtime creators amped up the task by requiring them to dance to Silento’s Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)! Thus in the end, kasya pero di kinaya.

WATCH: Team Vice, nagsayaw ng Nae Nae habang nasa walis tingting

The eight girls of Team Nadine conquered the monkey bars challenge when they were able transfer from one of its sides to another just by hanging on and not letting their feet touch the ground.

WATCH: Anne, pinangunahan ang hamon sa monkey bar

As daring as they always are, Team Vice tried its best to fit eight of them on a round rattan tray (or bilao) but failed.

WATCH: Team Vice, hindi kinayang magkasya sa bilao

Three dashing leading men guested in It’s Showtime family that day to promote their respective projects – Joshua Garcia and Jerome Ponce for the Primetime Bida mystery drama The Good Son, while Piolo Pascual for his movie with Toni Gonzaga Last Night. However, before they could even pursue to their main intention, they had to join in the fun and exhilarating Cash-Ya first. Unfortunately, they lost.

WATCH: Piolo, Joshua at Jerome, hinarap ang hamon ng CashYa