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Vhong Navarro’s 10 most viewed It’s Showtime videos that wowed and delighted us

From the moment he began his journey on It’s Showtime when it began in October 2009, we saw how passionate Vhong Navarro is in making us happy through exhibiting his outstanding talent and his amusing personality. In celebration of the show’s 10th anniversary, let us count down the ten most viewed It’s Showtime videos featuring Vhong on YouTube (as of posting time).

10 - Team Vhong in a heartwarming dance illusion in Magpasikat 2017


One of his best moments in It’s Showtime was when his team emerged as the champion in the Magpasikat 2017 competition. Despite not having a partner among his other co-hosts, Vhong gave a very meaningful presentation along with some Hashtags and GirlTrend members. Their optical illusion dance number told a story of how one man conquered loneliness, by choosing to move on from the painful experience of tragically losing all of his immediate biological family, and appreciating the people who presently loves him unconditionally. They scored a perfect 10 with their touching and relatable story and the smooth execution of their performance.

9 - Jugs, Billy and Vhong become cameramen for a day


Seeking to make everyone happy by sharing the spotlight with them, Vhong once took the place of one of the show’s cameramen. After seeing that the said cameraman actually looked like the contestant he was interviewing with Vice Ganda in the show’s “Stars on 45” segment, Vhong did the gesture so the man could join on stage. Subsequently, Billy Crawford and Jugs Jugueta switched places with the other cameramen as well, so they too could go on stage.

8 - Newest dance craze by Vice, Vhong and Billy


With his incomparable dancing skills, Vhong has been one of the master purveyors of dance crazes that began on It’s Showtime. Among those is his 2015’s sensational “Haypa” dance craze, which he performed with Billy Crawford and Vice Ganda.

7 - PUROKatatawanan: Anne answers Vhong's joke


One of Vhong and Anne’s silliest moments in “PukoKatatawanan” was when he picked GT Dawn Chang to be his match instead of Anne. However, Anne interfered, as Dawn got speechless in answering Vhong’s question. Even though Anne argued that the correct answer is “Boo-ko”, Vhong proved her wrong by saying that the food that loves to get people shocked are “sabaw at kanin” because it’s a “SoupRice”.

6 - PUROKatatawanan: Vice gets annoyed because of Vhong's joke


One of Vhong’s extremely hilarious moments in “PuroKatatawanan” was during his match against former GirlTrend Maika Rivera. When he asked her about what Vice Ganda’s least favorite food is, Maika said that it’s “Puto Vhong-Vhong”. However, Vhong proved her wrong by saying that the correct answer is “Kalbonara”. In support of his joke, Jhong Hilario was quick to add that aside from “Kalbonara”, it was “Panutsa” Vice hated.

5 - PUROKatatawanan: Vhong gets Anne's joke


On their rematch, Vhong still won the fight against Anne by spoiling her joke about the insect that is always thrifty. This made the team boys win again because Anne and Vhong’s match was the fourth and final round of the said game that day.

4 - PUROKatatawanan: Vhong's joke makes Anne clueless


Vhong also made us laugh out loud several times for his comedic personality that he usually best displays on the show’s “PuroKatatawanan” episodes of the “Funanghalian” segment. He once made Anne Curtis clueless by giving a joke about the zodiac sign that gets easily pissed during joke time. Although it took a while for Anne to realize why it’s funny, the madlang people already voted that Vhong’s joke is witty enough to make team boys win.

3 - Jhong and Vhong use Ion against Vice


Aside from Vhong’s talent, one of the things we love about him is his unmistakable genuine friendship with his co-hosts. It was relatable how he usually gets naughty with Vice Ganda and Jhong Hilario on stage. One of their most hilarious moments was when he and Jhong used “Kuya Escort” Ion Perez as a shield to win against Vice in their playful brawl during the show’s KapareWho segment.

2 - Vice at Vhong kinabog ang XB Gensan sa dance exhibition


Given the fact that Vhong started his career as part of the 1990’s dance group Streetboys, he has always been one of It’s Showtime’s greatest assets when it comes to the dance floor. Therefore, he willingly shared his dancing prowess on the show whenever he had the chance. Once during the show’s “Mini Me” segment, he partnered with Vice Ganda to entertain us mimicking XB GenSan’s killer dance moves.

1 - Anne Curtis kisses Vhong Navarro


As one of its original hosts, our all-time favorite noontime variety show is indeed never complete without Vhong’s presence in it. Thus, when he had to take a leave from the show, it was undeniable how the It’s Showtime family and the Madlang People missed him. When he finally came back after almost two months of recovery, it was irrefutable how much his co-hosts and the viewers cried and celebrated his comeback. Anne Curtis, who is known to be his “forever partner” in the show, gave him a heartwarming kiss and hug as everyone teased them during “Sine Mo ‘To” segment.

Indeed, It’s Showtime’s first ten years in the entertainment industry was exceedingly fun all throughout with Vhong Navarro in the show. Cheers to more years with him and It’s Showtime!