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Jugs and Teddy’s innovative and engaging Magpasikat performances through the years

From the moment that the Magpasikat week of the It’s Showtime’s hosts started in 2010 on the show’s first anniversary, the rock tandem of Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz has always been one of the toughest teams to beat. Each year, the duo brings fresh ideas of performances, which they execute flawlessly. Aside from their talent in music given that both of them are extremely talented musicians, Jugs and Teddy also used their witty personalities to shine on stage. Thus, their tandem has been It’s Showtime’s Magpasikat champions for five times now.

In the show’s first anniversary on 2010, Jugs and Teddy showed us how truly amazing they are as rockstar artists. They gave a full blast party with a twist, switching songs with other artists after hearing the phrase “Song niya, Sing mo”. Rocksteddy’s vocalist Teddy Corpuz sang “Penge Naman Ako Niyan” by Itchyworms, while Jugs Jugueta of Itchyworms sang “Lagi Mo Na Lang Akong Dinededma” by Rocksteddy. Apart from them, they invited other Pinoy rockstars to do the same on stage. Yeng Constantino sang “Sandalan” by 6Cyclemind, Tutti Caringal sang “Hawak Kamay”, Kean Cipriano performed “One Look”, while Mark Abaya gave his own rendition of “Susundan”. The number ended with a bang as Teddy impersonated Bamboo and gave an all-out performance of “Hallelujah”. By successfully making everyone party with them, their tandem was hailed as the first-ever Magpasikat grand champion.



In 2011, Jugs and Teddy battled with each other on stage as two powerful characters who seemingly came out from the world of animation. They used some sophisticated lighting effects, glow in the dark props, magnificent costumes and thrilling music. Although their futuristic, action-themed production number did not let them earn a place that year, their pair had all the madlang people astonished in their impressive performance.



For the show’s third anniversary, Jugs and Teddy came out with a live music video parody of the hit K-pop song titled “Gangnam Style” by PSY. In their number they called as Jugs and Teddy’s “Video-okray”, they sang their own version of the mentioned K-pop hit by reworking its lyrics but maintaining its tune and giving it the title: “Epal Ang ‘Yong Style”. Former Hashtag Bugoy Cariño, versatile actress Cristine Reyes, It’s Showtime production staff Dumbo and the entire madlang people joined them in their performance. Their tandem gained a perfect score, along with Team Anne-Karylle and Team Billy-Vhong, and the three of them emerged as Magpasikat 2012 grand champions.



Teaming up with Karylle, Jugs and Teddy stunned everyone with a bewildering yet highly incredible performance. After singing a gibberish song and making a lot of mess on stage, their group made everyone’s jaw drop as they gave a rewind of their live performance, revealing that they actually performed the theme song of It’s Showtime reversely. Giving the most spectacular presentation, they were named as the Magpasikat 2013 grand champion.



Jugs and Teddy surprised the madlang people once again the following year. Joining forces with Billy Crawford, the rock tandem pulled up a hilariously entertaining show within the show. They started by hilariously imitating some of the most notable Magpasikat performances in the previous years, and then launched their own noontime variety show titled "Whatchamacall8” that is spiced up too with some parody of commercials. Apart from including the madlang people in their performance, Nadine Lustre and James Reid also appeared on their presentation too. With their amusing show, Team TBJ became the Magpasikat 2014 grand champion.



When Magpasikat 2015 came, Jugs and Teddy kept on exhibiting new concepts. This time, they teamed up with the Unkabogable star, their co-host Vice Ganda. Their team gave us a lively and energetic performance that mainly featured optical illusions, giving the message that one man’s imagination should be limitless. Their feel-good presentation featured cameo appearances from James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Coco Martin and also featured an exclusive song for the performance. Unquestionably, their team became the Magpasikat 2015 grand champion.



After winning for three consecutive years, Jugs and Teddy placed third in Magpasikat 2016. Teaming up with Karylle for the second time, they made all the madlang people experience an electronic Pinoy music festival. Their other teammate and co-host Mariel Rodriguez made all of the introductions in their presentation through a taped video, while some Hashtags and GirlTrend members joined them as they rocked out on stage.



In Jugs and Teddy’s second time to work with Vice Ganda in Magpasikat 2017, their team gave the most unforgettable and the unique presentation. Instead of having a performance, their team gave Teddy the opportunity to propose and marry his wife Jasmine for the second time on national television. Aside from placing second, the phenomenal #MagpasikatJugsTeddyVice became a trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines and worldwide.



In 2018, Jugs and Teddy gave us a tear jerking performance about a father’s love. They told a story of a man who can’t buy a television for his son, so he worked with his friends to produce a non-mechanical live television. Even though they did not place in Magpasikat 2018, their comical yet touching presentation gave a remarkable tribute to all the loving fathers in the world.




In 2019, Jugs and Teddy gave us an ultimate “Throwback Thursday” presentation together with Jhong Hilario and rising stars Ion Perez, Jackque Gonzaga and Sanrio. Their performance has let us relive the 1980s, with skits and musical numbers reminiscent of the era in a “playback” format with the period’s own “80’s Showtime.” And because it is a throwback presentation, they brought back some of the former It’s Showtime family members, such as Kuya Kim Atienza, Eric “Eruption” Tai, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia on stage. Aside from that, they ended their performance with a bang by singing a 10th anniversary edition of the show’s theme song.



Through the years, Jugs and Teddy has indeed became inclusive and tremendously creative in all their Magpasikat performances. Their extraordinary presentations have always contained their outstanding talent in music, their charming personalities and their clever ideas. Thus, their tandem has truly been remarkable for being one of the most exciting teams to watch out for every Magpasikat week in It’s Showtime.