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Jugs and Teddy are the winningest in It’s Showtime Magpasikat! Here’s why

Witnessing the surprise wedding of Teddy Corpuz and wife Jasmin on the Magpasikat stage should give you an inkling about his mastery of what it takes to win the yearly competition.

In fact, Teddy owns the distinction of having the most wins in the eight years of Magpasikat, together with his usual partner in crime Jugs Jugueta, with five out of the eight years as the grand titlists.

Some are betting that this duo together with Vice Ganda will once again triumph, especially as this year’s performance was a big surprise for all.

Why do they always win? Here’s why.

They get the support that they need.

They do some funny takes.

Joining in on the Gangnam Style popularity in 2012, Jugs and Teddy did their own version of the Korean’s Psy. When we say their own version, they did it in Tagalog, and with a special performance from Cristine Reyes. Performing the spoof version, Epal ang yong style, the duo’s presentation made everyone laugh---judges, madlang people, and co-hosts included.

They come up with out of this world ideas

MInd-boggling is what most people describe the duo’s performance with Karylle in 2013. The trio, for the fourth anniversary of the show, claimed to have learned Hindi. Then after that new language performance, then after thanking the audience, Teddy said that they have a surprise for everyone. "Ito ang totoong performance, narito ang magic."

Then, it was with the VTR that revealed that the group performed the theme song in reverse. This of course had everybody in awe, that they received a standing ovation from the judges, and their co-hosts.

They explore their creativity

In, 2014 Teddy and Jugs teamed up with Billy Crawford (or Team TBJ) and brought to the stage their own noontime show called "Whatchamacall8". Apart from the usual song and dance numbers, their presentation had energetic dancers and mock commercials that feature the trio. Adding on the all this was the popular love team Nadine Lustre and James Reid who took part. But, the real icing on the cake was that an audience member was able to take home PhP90,000.

They aren’t afraid to try something new.

It was in 2015, when the duo together with VIce Ganda (Team TVJ) last won the title. They did an original dance and song number that was mixed with optical illusions. This kind of tricks are rarely, if not never before, seen in live television. Joining the trio were Kapamilya stars James Reid, Nadine Lustre, and Coco Martin in cameo roles.

They are as real as they can be.

From the support to the creativity, this year’s performance had all the elements of the group’s past win. But, it has more than that as it has the essence of love (be it with a partner or with God). Whether or not Team TVJ wins, they only prove one thing that they can get as real as they can get (especially Teddy).