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A rip-roaring, comical run for Brenda Mage on the road to the 2019 Miss Q&A Grand Finals

As hilarious as his name is, Brenda Mage’s wit is undeniably amusing. With his entertaining jokes and having that genuine bubbly personality which can make anyone laugh, Brenda has truly won the hearts of the Madlang People. Meanwhile, Brenda captivated the judges as well as he showed deep reasoning when it comes to his answers.

Before we witness how the witty Brenda will compete with the other amazing candidates, here is how Brenda ‘chukchak’ his way to the grand finals.

Day 1

The moment Brenda stepped on the It’s Showtime stage, he easily caught everyone’s attention by how funny he presented himself. With his witty introduction, Brenda instantly won the Beks in Chukchak award of the day.

Having the same smart and humorous attitude with It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda, Brenda shared a cute and funny story about how he got acquainted with Vice on one of the unkabogable star’s concert in Japan.


As he faced the reigning queen, Brenda gracefully answered the question in a genuine and concrete manner which got everyone impressed.


By showing us his selfless character and reminding us the value of our parents, Brenda successfully dethroned Dionisia dela Fuente and won his first crown.

Day 2


Brenda continued to stick to his genuine attitude in answering the question for his second day. In explaining his answer, Brenda reminded everyone about the importance of honesty in any relationship.

Day 3

Although Brenda may have the Madlang People confused in his answer’s opening statement, he managed to still secure his spot on the semi-finals. Brenda made everyone realize how the lack of self-discipline ruins a person.

Day 4


A fourth crown was bestowed upon him as Brenda gave a practical answering and being sincerely straight to the point, giving us some chunks of reality that we cannot stop the inflation rate from happening but what we can do is work hard for our needs and wants.

Day 5


They say when in a competition, don’t ever let the other candidates see a hint of doubt. But being vocal about the pressure he’s feeling didn’t stop Brenda to win the hearts of the madling people. By being vocal about it, Brenda was able to shake off all the tension and answer the question clearly and concisely.

Day 6


On his sixth day, Brenda still retained the crown by carefully explaining his answer in a very relatable sense. Brenda also surprised everyone by making an impact in the end, reminding everyone about the value of honesty in a relationship.

Day 7


The seventh day was tough for Brenda. To a critical question about politics, Brenda stuttered and struggled to speak out all the thoughts in his mind.


Giving us good arguments in his statement, Amparo Muñoz Malos took over Brenda’s place. With this, Brenda had a break on the competition and prepared himself instead for the semi-finals.



Advancing on the semi-finals, Brenda gave all his focus and became even more determined to win the crown. Brenda gave a bit more ‘gigil’ along with his wit and by throwing greater arguments on his rebuttals in the debate, Brenda finally gained his spot on the grand finals.

Will Brenda Mage’s final chukchak give him the crown? Find out in the upcoming Miss Q and A InterTALAKtic 2019 grand finals on February 23, Saturday on It’s Showtime!