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How Vhong Navarro enthralls viewers in his awe-inspiring Magpasikat performances through the years

Ever since the annual Magpasikat tradition kicked off in 2010 as a way of celebrating the anniversary of It’s Showtime, Vhong Navarro has been consistently astounding us with every production number that he prepares, wherein he’s able to showcase his exceptional flair in comedy and dancing to where he’s known for.

But aside from his talents, what made his performances extra enthralling is with how he utilized technology effectively and impeccably that made each one of those truly stand out from the rest of the entries or be even more splendid than his previous ones.

Let’s revisit the past Magpasikat numbers of Team Vhong through the years.



For his Magpasikat debut, he opted to put up an exhilarating hip-hop dance showdown with his friends Archie Alemania and Jhong Hilario (who was then not a host yet), alongside then-child stars Izzy Canillo and Bugoy Cariño. Of course, since they are natural comedians, they provided comic at the latter part of it that really amused those who saw it.




Vhong turned into a gothic prince in this avant-garde number inspired by the classic fairy tale Cinderella. Dancing to the remix version of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade,” we followed his quest on finding the owner of the “glass shoe” he retrieved only to find out in the end that it belongs to Ryan Bang (who was a only a guest hurado then), who was then wearing a gown resembling that of Cinderella. Toni Gonzaga also delighted the viewers with her special cameo appearance.

This was when he began incorporating state-of-the-art technology in his exhibition, not to mention the waterfalls he utilized again in his Magpasikat entry this year.




As he got paired up with Billy Crawford, we already knew that we’re going to be in for a fantastic show that’s a fusion of dance and comedy. And we were not wrong as they offered us a futuristic dance number that showed different forms of illusion with the aid of hi-tech tricks and made more enjoyable by their comical chops. However, what truly captivated us was their majestic light show at the end.




The Vhong-Billy tandem once again treated us to another splendid light spectacle, but this time, with their co-host Coleen Garcia.

It commenced with Coleen picking up where they left off in 2012 and ensued to a “Sine Mo ‘To”-inspired skit, wherein she’s the tagapagsalaysay while the two dudes were the actors. Unlike the original, their level-up version had them lying on the floor as they carried out their funny narrative.

Then the real highlight of the show followed, wherein they brought us to an entirely different dimension via the optical illusions, visual and light effects, and techni-colors that totally toyed our eyes.




From a series of splendid futuristic numbers, Vhong decided to serve us a totally different concept that in spite of not being bombarded with hi-tech visual effects was able to fill our hearts with emotions. He and his partner Jhong Hilario narrated their friendship journey via a stirring interpretative dance number of Michael Jackson’s “I’ll Be There”. It might be simple compared to his previous entries, but it didn’t fall short in providing surprises to the spectators through the unexpected appearances of Yassi Pressman and Jericho Rosales, as well as the astounding outcome of their on-the-spot painting.




Unlike his past performances, Vhong apparently toned down a bit by showcasing a simple yet droll comedy skit alongside his partner Ryan Bang. From playing with our eyes via astonishing visual effects and incredible dance routines, they resorted on entertaining the spectators through a well-orchestrated comedy skit that was incredibly in sync with the sound effects they used.




The comedian-host, on his second team-up with Jhong, delighted us anew with a state-of-the-art spectacle that’s seemingly fresh out of our favorite science fiction movie or video game. Apart from the exceptional visual effects and notable comic relief they provided that indeed amused us, they elevated as well the live audiences’ experience by making it four-dimensional. Late veteran actor Eddie Garcia also had a special cameo appearance!




Spectators were all moved not only with how he put a creative twist on the term ‘one-man show’ as he and his teammates performed an evocative mirror illusion and dance act that tackled themes of isolation and loneliness  through the fictional story of Michael, portrayed by Vhong. Performing with him were some members of Hashtags and GirlTrends who dressed up and looked like him as they served as his reflections on the mirrors.

Dedicated to those people who feel alone, this winning production number got everyone emotional during that moment when the uneasy Michael talked to his family who died in a car crash about not knowing how to continue with life after losing them. But everything went a tad more emotional upon seeing the reflection of his It’ Showtime family, the hurados, and the madlang people – who were all sitting in the audience area – on the center mirror, referring to them as his strength in facing life’s biggest struggles.




From making us laugh out loud in their first partnership in 2015, Vhong and Ryan Bang left everyone crying this time as they delivered a heart-rending presentation regarding the ever-prevalent issue of bullying.

Together with Hashtag members CK Kieron, Nikko Natividad, and Paulo Angeles and GirlTrend members Maika Rivera and Dawn Chang, they were able to seamlessly pull off their futuristic concept that involved optical illusions, magnificent visual and light effects, and of course, fascinating dance moves and succeeded in incorporating their stirring skit in it. Everybody did enjoy and got bedazzled with their amusing light show displayed in split-screens, marvelous coordination in utilizing their lightsabers, and dumbfounding visual effects.



They ended their number standing separately on the platform, with Vhong and Ryan’s hologram in the middle, before holding each other’s hands to bow.



In 2019, Vhong paid tribute to It’s Showtime and to the new family he found through his colleagues in the program. In this futuristic presentation, he was joined by teammates comprised of Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla and members of the Hashtags, and made extra spectacular by their guest performers including Dawn Chang, Riva Quenery, and Pilipinas Got Talent Season 5 champions Power Duo.

Apart from their amazing, diverse dance routines, they also amused us with the astonishing shadow play, light and visual effects, bizarre costumes, and of course, their astounding dance routines!