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Netizens laud Team Jhong and Karylle’s “insanely beautiful” Magpasikat musical

Team Jhong and Karylle’s grand Magpasikat musical earned enormous praise from netizens over its impressive production value, individual performances, and the important message it conveyed.

Jhong Hilario and Karylle’s number, which served as the last set for this year’s Magpasikat, was an intricate, grandiose musical theater-style showcase—a sequel of their performance last year that told the story of two insects, a higad or caterpillar and an ipis or cockroach, who became star-crossed lovers. They would fight for their love despite their differences and prevail in the end. 

This year, the storyline focused on their offspring, a cross between the two insects named Ipad, who faced personal crises—from the nature of his existence to his own gender. Yet, in his journey towards his self-discovery, he realized his true worth in the diverse, colorful world of insects, and achieved self-acceptance and embraced his individuality.

Netizens hailed it as “insanely beautiful” and delivered relevant issues “perfectly.” Some saw the production as the “perfect way to end Magpasikat week” while others say it gave a “total package” that truly made viewers watch a “Broadway-like” all-original musical on local TV. They also noted its well-choreographed dance sets, impressive costume design, superb music, and hilarious antics. But the best of all was that netizens commended Team Jhong and Karylle’s focus on diversity, individuality, acceptance and gender equality, which are all vital topics we all need to take seriously.

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Here are more netizens reactions on the astonishing show: