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Vice Ganda’s Top 10 most viewed It’s Showtime videos that brought joy to the Madlang People

Before he rose to immense stardom, Vice Ganda, or Jose Mari Viceral in real life, used to be one of the most popular and in-demand stand-up comedians who was able to successfully break into the local entertainment scene.

We have seen him appear in various teleseryes and movies in the early 2000s, but it was via his remarkable stint in It‘s Showtime when his showbiz career began to take-off and forever changed his life, and even the madlang people.

Vice has been there ever since it was still called “Showtime” and was initially slated on the morning timeslot as a talent contest from 2009 to 2012, up to the present when it has been converted into a noontime variety program. From being the “unevictable hurado” who never failed to make us laugh with his droll “may nag-text” wits and wacky and awesome “samples”, he is now one of its main hosts who relentlessly made us laugh so hard in his banters with his co-hosts.

As It’s Showtime celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, let’s count down the Top 10 Most Viewed videos of the Unkabogable Star on YouTube as of posting time through this feature.

10 - Mga banat ni Vice ngayong araw na ito sa It’s Showtime

The compilations of Vice’s hilarious jokes, gestures, and banters with his co-hosts totally made us laugh through the years, just like this montage of his funny hirits in the May 3, 2014 episode of Mini Me Season 1.

9 - Vice Ganda blames Liza

Promoting her 2017 romance flick “My Ex & Whys,” lead actress Liza Soberano served as one of the judges in one of the Weekly Finals of Dancing in Tandem. Vice, who called her as her twin sister, praised and blamed her for being too pretty. Well, what’s new?

8 - PUROKatatawanan: Vice Ganda vs. Erin

As former GirlTrend Erin Ocampo attempted to exact revenge against the PUROKalalakihan, she volunteered himself to represent the PUROKababaihan again on the second round of PUROKatatawanan. But she still failed, making their leader GT Sammie Rimando face a punishment.

7 – AdVice Ganda: Accept your flaws

As one of the madlang people asked for his advice about her dilemma on showing her true self, the Unkabogable Star bravely removed his makeup, hair and eyelash extensions, and contact lenses in front of the camera. This was his way of inspiring everyone to embrace his/her flaws and learn to love and be confident with their true selves.

6 - Miss Q & A: Vice and Anne laugh when Miss Q & A contestant impersonates Mariah Carey

From being the one who entertains, Vice found himself amused with Miss Q & A contestant Jewel Jumii Derechi Agbayani, who amazed us when he did his impersonation of Mariah Carey by mimicking her voice in belting out “I Want To Know What Love Is”, “Open Arms”, and “Hero”. He also amazed us when he showcased his skills in doing the “whistle”.

5 - Miss Q & A: Vice Ganda finds an ex-couple from the audience

Just when everyone thought that it was going to be another day charged with laughter, the September 13, 2018 episode of It’s Showtime was also filled with tears after Vice spotted and gave a crying member of the madlang people, who was seemed affected by the “Ibi-Gay” question, a hug.

We later on found out that she just recently broke up with his ex-boyfriend then, who was also one of her companions in watching the show live. They somehow opened up about their breakup and was able to mend their rift.

In another video, Tiyang Amy Perez was seen meddling in the awkward situation as the mediator.

4 - PUROKatatawanan: “Ate Girl” Jackque wins over Vice

From being “lovers” in the skits they’re doing during the Miss Q & A segment, we found Vice and Ate Girl Jackque Gonzaga as rivals in the second round of PUROKatatawanan, wherein the latter was able to defeat him that gave PUROKababaihan a point.

3 - Miss Q & A: Brenda Mage shares a funny story of Vice Ganda

We couldn’t help but laugh as Miss Q & A contender Brenda Mage recounted his fanboying moment with Vice Ganda in Japan when the latter held a concert there. He also imparted how touched he was when the Unkabogable Star made an effort to grant his wish of seeing him in the flesh by coming at his workplace, which was three hours away from his idol’s accommodation.

2 - It's Showtime: Vice Ganda talks to a German lady

While he and co-presenters Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz were bantering on-stage, Vice promptly noticed a German lady who was then a part of the live audience. In their interview with her, in which he was able to showcase his impressive English proficiency, they found out that her name was Mara and she was of Spanish and German descent.

1 - Vice kisses Karylle on ‘Showtime Kapamilya Day’

Who would forget the era when he thrilled us by introducing his straight male alter-ego Viceral? His on-screen team-up then with co-host Karylle truly delighted the viewers, giving birth to the ViceRylle tandem that never failed to make us kilig with their unmistakable chemistry.

Thus, during the Kapamilya Day of It’s Showtime held on September 26, 2015, everyone, including Karylle herself, was shocked when Vice suddenly kissed him on the lips after doing a crowd surfing in his headbanging performance of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”.

So, what are your most favorite moments of Vice Ganda on It’s Showtime?