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Friendship, according to these fun It’s Showtime memes

It’s really wonderful to have a close friend or be part of a clique, in which we are able to realize that we can adjust to a variety of personalities and discover something new about ourselves. 

Our days at school, at work, or in our other activities would surely be not complete without spending some fun time with them that we will treasure for the rest of our lives and reminisce over and over again.

Just like the ever-gregarious ensemble of It’s Showtime, who despite coming from different fields and dispositions, turned out to be a family as years went by. For sure, many of us can relate to the kind of bond they display on the show and behind-the-scenes, and can identify ourselves to some of their friendship moments featured in the fun Kapamilya Relate memes published on the ABS-CBN Official Facebook Page

A friend should always be there for you, especially during those mandatory pa-picture moments…

And maybe a resident genius to help you out!

…or may think too much and miss your joke.

And of course, one who plays hard to get, gives in, then does more than we can ever imagine… ‘Yong totoo, bes?

And, just when we thought that we have found “trusted and loyal” pals, we find out they’re actually the reason why things don’t turn out the way they should.

Or leave you out in the cold…

Whether we have supportive or kontrabida friends, we will still prefer be in their ‘unkabogable’ company at the end of the day. Get your daily dose of good vibes from It’s Showtime, weekdays and Saturdays at noontime.