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Ayesha Lopez’s impressive journey to the 2019 Miss Q&A Grand Finals

Along with having a sophisticated and elegant look, Ayesha Lopez also showed us a brilliant mind when it comes to answering the most perplexing questions. By maintaining a confident aura and always having an impact on ending statements, Ayesha wowed the Madlang People and the judges, deserving a slot in the Grand Finals.

Day 1

Facing the five-time reigning queen, Ayesha showed no signs of fear. With full confidence, Ayesha managed to give us a strong answer plus a memorable statement at the end that made the Madlang People cheer.

Although they have the same point of view about the value of honesty, Ayesha’s explanation left a great impact. With this, Ayesha dethroned Sashi Giggle Esmeralda and took the crown.

Day 2

On the second day, Ayesha struggled explain everything in mind. Nevertheless, a strong final statement extended Ayesha’s reign.

Day 3

To qualify for the semi-finals, Ayesha pointed out about the importance of the country’s youth. Ayesha elaborated with a resolution, saying that we will have a better Philippines someday by properly caring for the young ones.

Day 4

By stressing that we all must exercise our right to vote because we are in a democratic country, Ayesha retained the crown for the fourth day. Ayesha awakened everyone’s minds by saying that meticulously voting for the country leaders who will be the front-liners of our country is our duty.

Day 5

Having the same answer with the daily winner didn’t hinder Ayesha to gain a fifth crown. Ayesha gave us a wider perspective of the answer and was able to let us see the bigger picture about how badly cigarettes affect our environment and our lives.

Day 6

Ayesha still maintained a confident and articulate attitude when it comes to answering the question of the sixth day. Even though they had the same side to defend, Ayesha and opponent K Bernardo gave us different styles and opinions about unknowingly being the third party to someone else’s relationship.

After Ayesha had not fully elaborated on some points, K Bernardo took over Ayesha’s place this time. After having six consecutive wins, Ayesha took a break in the competition and proceeded to prepare for the semi-finals.

In the semifinals, Ayesha didn’t get lucky enough to beat Mitch Montecarlo Suansane. However, the judges were really impressed by how Ayesha always gave us an intelligent and confident answer in an amazingly articulate manner. With this, Ayesha became the Hurado’s Choice and is now one of the ten grand finalists with the chance to win the crown!

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