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Angel Quiogue’s confident and astonishing journey to the 2019 Miss Q&A grand finals

Confidence, intelligence and having a kind heart are three of the most essential things every candidate must possess to win a beauty pageant. Miss Q&A InterTALAKtic 2019 finalist Angel Quiogue managed to prove to us that he has those three.

On stage, Angel can confidently pull off great answers. Angel is always eager to be heard and makes an effort to be artistically sincere, letting us see inherent intelligence and kindness. And while showcasing those qualities, Angel keeps it stylish by donning such beautiful self-designed gowns.

Before we witness how Angel will vie for the 2019 Miss Q and A crown along with the other candidates who also showed us confidence, intelligence and kindness, let us look back on Angel’s journey in the competition.

Day 1

On the first day, giving a sensible answer to an incredibly witty question has let Angel become the daily winner. Angel pointed out a remarkable example about a rooster’s job and importance in our lives.

While struggling to fully express everything in mind, Angel managed to dethrone Jodi Licious by impressing the judges with the arguments asserted.

Day 2

For his second day, Angel successfully retained the crown by stressing out that being official with your special someone on social media isn’t important. Angel gave a strong point saying that what matters most is how you manage your relationship with that person in the everyday life.

Day 3

With full confidence, Angel secured a spot in the semi-finals by giving us a profound answer. Along with disagreeing to have an ‘iron fist’ be implemented in our country, Angel challenged us to start the change in ourselves before finding it from others, and be the better Filipinos we want to see in our beloved motherland.

Day 4

Angel retained the crown on the fourth day by impressing the judges with a great reminder. Angel spoke about the importance of self-growth amid all the drama in one’s romantic relationship with a significant other.

Day 5

On the fifth day, Angel faced tough competition against Sashi Giggle Esmeralda. Justice or forgiveness? Both Angel and Sashi chose forgiveness, yet they had different ways of elaborating their answers.

This time, Sasha managed to lay down fitting arguments in answering the question. Because of that, Angel had to take a break from the competition and prepare for the semifinals.


After taking a good break from the competition, Angel came back in the semifinals with a courageous disposition. Angel fought in two debates with bold arguments, which made him advance to the grand finals.

Will Angel be the next It’s Showtime’s Miss Q and A crowned queen? Let’s all find out in the upcoming Miss Q and A InterTALAKtic 2019 Grand Finals.