McCoy de Leon answers the internet most searched questions about him

He started off as an extra in commercials. You might catch him as one of the people walking around in the background. From there, he eventually landed minor roles in teleseryes. Finally, he earned a character with a name and lines in 2012’s Be Careful with My Heart. At the time, he was partnered with Janella Salvador. Because of this project, he became a Star Magic artist. Now, fans are going on the internet to learn more about McCoy de Leon. So, for this Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com exclusive, the Hashtag member answered your most searched questions about him!

The Kapamilya star grew up in Tondo. He recalls practically living in the public market. It was constantly loud. Someone was always singing karaoke. But it was a happy time for him. Contrary to popular belief that Tondo was dangerous, McCoy believes that it is actually a safe place since there are usually a lot of people out on the streets.

McCoy’s dream role is someone with a disability. He wants to know more about the struggles they experience. Hopefully, his portrayal can help share the challenges that this kind of people face. Although, if he was not an actor today, he would probably be a Civil Engineer. This was the program that he took in college because of two reason. First, he wanted to build a house for his family. Second, he was told that engineers earn a lot.

If you are aspiring actor, his advice for you is to keep working hard. Try your best in every audition. It does not hurt to pray. Aside from these, McCoy also answered questions about his height, real name, and love life! So, check out this exclusive!