Kapamilya Chat: Elisse Joson talks about her debut single, Ipaglaban Mo “Ganti,” and her artworks

With a beautiful heart and goal-driven attitude, it’s no surprise why Elisse Joson keeps on winning in life and love. The Kapamilya star now has a full solo single under her belt, apart from the acting gigs worthy of replays and self-made artworks.

Elisse Joson explores the pain and beauty of unrequited love via single “Halika Na.” It pierces through the hearts of hopeless romantics waiting in silence and loving without expecting in return. When she was younger, Elisse expected to always receive more than the love she could give. But this changed over time. She realized that true love means giving your all even if it’s not reciprocated. Love entails risks, of showing how you feel no matter what the consequences might be. But there must be boundaries as well.

Elisse wants to give listeners a chill, relaxing vibe and key takeaways about finding true love. She hopes they learn that everyone is meant for someone out there. We might not see ‘the one’ right away but we just have to keep our hearts open. Elisse told viewers not to focus on just one person.  

The love tackled in “Halika Na” isn’t only limited to romantic relationships. It can also mean spending time with friends, family, and the people who are right for you. Elisse mentioned that she likes to hang out with her buddies. She doesn’t care where as long as it’s spent with the people who matter. The quarantine taught Ellice the importance of having a support system, of having someone to lean on not just in difficult times but also on ordinary days.   

“Halika Na” is a milestone Ellice never saw coming. She wants to explore her artistry and bit by bit let go of the ‘tweetums’ stage.


Ipaglaban Mo: Ganti

Elisse is honored to have her Ipaglaban Mo episode chosen for a replay. Titled “Ganti,” the story revolves around Alyana (Elisse Joson) who meets fellow community volunteer Jim (Enzo Pineda). They eventually get closer, causing Alyana’s problematic ex-boyfriend Larry (Marco Gumabao) to act jealous. The embittered Larry exacts revenge on Jim.

Elisse praised his co-stars’ professionalism. It was her first time working with Enzo Pineda while she’s been friends with Marco Gumabao long before. Describing them as approachable, Elisse said that the two leading men made her feel comfortable on the set.

The Kapamilya actress is thankful and happy for the episode’s replay, and to have it filed under “The Best of Ipaglaban Mo.” It’s a timely story, as Ellise said. Now that we are all stuck at home and focused on social media, it’s too easy to get jealous of others.

Ellise underscored the dangers of keeping tabs on others. It makes someone too focused on what other people have, to the point that he forgets how blessed he is. That’s why it’s important to mind your own business because envy is a powerful negative feeling that destroys inner peace. 



Besides the virtual guestings and promoting her solo single, Ellise also dabbles in painting. Her quarantine-born artsy skills make the days extra productive and colorful. Some of her art pieces have already graced her Instagram feed and she created a separate one specifically made to flaunt her talent. Elisse didn’t undergo formal training. An art subject in college serves as her only background.

The recent one in Ellice’s collection is a tranquil image of a woman dipping in the pool inspired by her wanderlust. And since getaways are just an impossible dream these days, Ellise turned her travel fantasies into an artwork.

Her paintings are mostly minimalistic and are made of acrylic or watercolor. She mixes medium as well. In some of her works, Ellise combines watercolor and marker.

Gazing at her dainty art pieces, one would notice that Ellice likes to use female figures as the predominant subject hidden behind geometric shapes and abstract elements. Her latest illustration, still unfinished, shows a woman glowing despite of what people say behind her back, thus the lips in different colors. 

Each painting usually takes four hours of labor. As soon as she finishes one, Ellise likes to have the painting framed and displayed around the house to add pizzazz. It’s now possible to adorn your place with Ellice’s vibrant paintings. She’s just a DM (direct message) away!