Kapamilya Chat: Bagito’s Alexa, Ella talk about reunion on Ipaglaban Mo, show off cooking skills

Video game streaming has become a hit millennial trend especially now that the youngs are stuck at home and in the digital space. Kapamilya actresses Alexa Ilacad and Ella Cruz are among those caught by the hype. Don’t be fooled by their sweet feminine appeal because these two are a force to be reckoned with in the male-dominated shooting and fighting arena.

“Online world is life,” says Ella, who strictly followed the stay-at-home protocol since the first day of the quarantine period. Apart from recording her playing sessions, she’s also busy with creating vlog contents.

For Alexa, the cyberspace isn’t just a place for fun and entertainment but of learning as well. Alexa takes her college courses online and is now in the final term.

The former Bagito co-stars reunite in an episode of Ipaglaban Mo airing this Sunday, June 14 on the Kapamilya Channel. Titled “Yes, Sir,” the episode focuses on the sexual harassment experienced by two students after joining a school organization spearheaded by a male teacher to be portrayed by Joem Bascon. Both characters – Alexa’s Wendy and Ella’s Jessica – will go through the same kind of abuse but one of them turns a blind eye to the violation at first while the other one musters the courage to speak up.

Kapamilya Chat Bagito s Alexa Ella talk about reunion on Ipaglaban Mo show off cooking skills 1

Sharing their key takeaways from the story, Ella highlights that victims must be bold enough to stand up in order to obtain necessary support and justice.  While it is extremely vital to speak up, Alexa acknowledges that it might be easier said than done. She takes several factors such as fear and trauma into consideration. These negative emotions can sometimes paralyze the victim, according to Alexa, so there’s nothing wrong with a slow-paced reaction. “You may take your time. Tell one person at a time. Go with your own pace and have a support system around you. Just use your voice because you have a voice,” she adds.

This marks Alexa’s most challenging and most delicate role, thus far. “Ang hirap i-portray. Three hours prior the take, nakaupo lang ako mag-isa kasi kinakabahan ako. Kasi kapag hindi ko na-deliver nang tama, parang hindi ko na rin nabigyan ng justice ‘yung mga totoong experiences ng mga nakaranas ng sexual harrasment.” Alexa gives props to Director JP Habac, who guided them through the scenes and helped shape her performance with just the right amount of emotions.

Catch the Ipaglaban Mo “Yes, Sir” episode this Sunday, June 14 airing on the Kapamilya Channel.

Egg sandwich by Alexa

We already know that Alexa Ilacad is a promising actress, dutiful student and astig mobile gamer all rolled into one. But, just as when we thought we’ve already seen enough of her different sides, Alexa surprises us once more as she takes us to the kitchen and reveals that she is a great home cook, even better than her mom.

Ako ‘yung nagluluto dito kasi si Mommy sunog lagi magluto,” she says, with adorable pride. Alexa is good at cooking viands but she considers pasta as her specialty.

For this Kapamilya Chat appearance, Alexa demonstrates how to prepare her go-to merienda for lazy days – egg sandwich. The procedures begin with boiling the eggs, preferably 8-10 minutes. Once cooked, chop the eggs in small pieces, then add salt and pepper to taste. Mix the egg and mayonnaise. Voila! Your healthy and homemade sandwich spread is now ready!

Macaroni salad by Ella

Apart from her talents in acting, dancing, singing, and creating online content, Ella Cruz also got the skills in cooking. Ella reveals that she used to be so clueless in the kitchen and she was even scared of using cooking tools, so she took up culinary classes to solve these dilemmas.

This time, Ella shows us the step-by-step procedures in making macaroni salad. First, boil the macaroni pasta for 10 minutes or until at desired softness. Boil the chicken breast and carrots as well. Once done with all the boiling, mix all these ingredients with mayonnaise, then add salt and pepper to taste. Easy yet yummy!