Career or Love life? Juliana Pariscova asks for Nikko Natividad’s advice in a prank call

Since winning the Miss Q and A crown in 2018, Juliana Pariscova Segovia has never left the ‘biz. She continues to serve her supporters with hilarious entertainment and make big news- the recent one is a revelation about her romantic life. The It’s Showtime talent made buzz by posting an intriguing photo of her non-showbiz boyfriend. Although the guy’s identity remains a mystery, Juliana confirmed that they’ve been together for a year, and she promised to spill more little by little in the coming days.


Juliana clarified that she’s simply trying to protect his privacy and spare him from potential bashing. “Ang una kong iniisip is sitwasyon niya lalo na nasa industriya tayo na lahat may opinion,” she said. The years of stay in showbiz made Juliana’s skin thick enough to handle hate comments but she will never let the bashers touch her loved ones.


Based on the netizens reactions, though Juliana thinks the public will embrace than condemn their relationship. But she would rather be careful than sorry. “In time, kapag naramdaman kong okay naman, mukhang sulit naman mga in-invest ko, ire-reveal ko din,” the comedian expressed, cracking punchlines in between her statements.


Besides the romance, Juliana’s quarantine life is spent taking care of her mother at home and selling online. She has pretty much adapted to the ‘new normal.’


Joining her on the show is Alex Medina, her co-star in the Ipaglaban Mo “Umasa,” episode which is having a replay on Sunday, August 9. Just like Juliana and most Pinoys in this time of a pandemic, Alex is stuck at home with his family doing ‘rakets’ to get by.


Looking on the bright side, Juliana and Alex are grateful that their Ipaglaban Mo episode made it to the program’s list of absolute best. Alex portrays as Ernie, a kind-hearted gay who falls for the charms of the opportunistic Marco (Nikko Natividad) despite the disapproval of her best friend Duday played by Juliana. 


Duday fails in her attempt to become the voice of reason in Ernie’s life, as the episode tackles how passion disagrees with logic when someone is head over heels. “Madugo emotionally kasi ‘yung pinagdaanan ng character ko sobrang hindi mo iwi-wish na mangyari kahit kanino kasi sobrang lala ng ginawa sa kanya,” explained Alex. The story will be relatable to many especially those who experienced betrayal in spite of giving their all in love.


Alex revealed that he had a difficult time donning his gay character. “It takes adjustment nang buong araw. Iba kasi ang training for it. Hindi siya basta-basta lang na makukuha agad,” said Alex about portraying gay roles. However challenging, he was able to pull it off thanks to Direk Chiqiu Lacsamana’s guidance and Juliana’s help. He added that Juliana gave him pointers on using the gay lingo.


Before the interview ends, Alex and Juliana played a game called Yes or No wherein they would simply confirm or deny random statements, like if they have ever tried using the same underwear for two days. The guests said ‘no,’ followed by hilarious explanations. Juliana joked that she does not wear one while Alex jested, “three days kasi ‘yung akin.”


Alex and Juliana’s current partners are five years younger than them. Although they believe that age does not really define someone’s decision-making abilities in a relationship.


The most number of takes Juliana had is ‘four.’ This happened on the set of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano where they are mostly required to improvise their dialogues. Meanwhile, Alex remembers completing a scene after eight takes.


Talking about their greatest ‘starstruck’ moment, Juliana recalled fangirling over Kapamilya heartthrob Joshua Garcia while Alex remembers working with John Regala. He was amazed by the actions star’s passion.


They sometimes try their luck in the lottery. Juliana even keeps a consistent combination of her and her mother’s birthdates. But they never win.


They haven’t tried sleeping completely naked. Juliana loves wearing baggy shirts while sleeping. Alex avoids sleeping without clothes on thinking that it causes morning gas.  
Both admit to searching themselves up on Google, and they have valid reasons. According to Juliana, she isn’t fond of taking her OOTD shots during guestings, so she would simply grab her photos from the web. Alex runs to Google when he likes to review his filmography.


Alex and Juliana are both guilty for taking home food from parties. “Kasi ‘yung polo shirt minsan may bulsa, doon ko nilalagay ‘yung shanghai,” the latter joked.


They bring home hotel items as well, and they share hilarious anecdotes about that. Juliana narrated, ‘Yung towel pinalagay ko sa maleta ng PA ko. Binibilang pala nila, so kulang. Sabi, ‘pwede po bang i-check?’ Buti na lang nandu’n sa PA ko, hindi sa akin.” Meanwhile, Alex’s story happened during his first time flying in business class. He proudly took a blanket home, thinking that it was for free.


“Walwal dahil broken-hearted?” Alex and Juliana can relate to that! The latter revealed, “Maraming beses na. Meron pa nga habang nagwawalwal ako, pinupukpok ko ‘yung pader.” Alex, on the other hand, turns to drinking just to let go of the bitter memories.


Since their co-star Nikko Natividad is unavailable for an interview, Juliana decided to trick him in a prank call. She pretended just wanting to hear Nikko’s take about a dilemma on choosing between her career and love life. Nikko fell for the drama and offered on-point pieces of advice. Check out this video for that funny moment!