PAANDAR 2016: 6 Most Shocking, Controversial Scenes from Ipaglaban Mo in 2016

What else can jolt us from a lazy Saturday afternoon than those grisly true-to-life court dramas in Ipaglaban Mo!

Hosted by Atty. Jose Sison and son Jopet Sison, the anthology had surely sent the shivers down our spine as we witness dramatizations of these horrific crimes yet emboldened us to fight in bringing perpetrators to justice, arming us with precious pointers about the laws of the land.

Throughout 2016, the show aired such portrayals that truly left us numb to the core. These episodes were widely talked about, shocking viewers because they never knew such dreadful events could happen in real life.

Here are six of Ipaglaban Mo’s most intense and nerve-wracking scenes from the past year that gripped, disturbed, roused us—and eventually enlightened us on the courses of action we need to take when faced with such abomination.


What can be more atrocious and dreadful than a father so severely punishing a daughter to the brink of death. Here, Narsing (Raymond Bagatsing) was so insanely livid about daughter Richelle’s (Mika dela Cruz) continued disobedience of his wish for her to break-up with her boyfriend that he did the unthinkable.


Tomas (Marco Alcaraz) and Lando (Lem Pelayo) thought they could commit a perfect crime of raping a blind girl named Alicia (Ritz Azul) but they were utterly wrong.


Our blind devotion and trust to faith healers are deeply embedded in our culture. But this can have dire and fatal consequences, especially to the allegedly possessed girl named Lanny (Loisa Andalio) who was entrusted by her parents to the local albularyo Amang (Ronnie Lazaro) to get rid of so-called evil spirits.


Domestic helpers work for households to earn a decent living for their families. Yet, if one does end up in the hands of abusive employers, unimaginable maltreatment as experienced by Sheryl (Miles Ocampo) from Vicky (Antoinette Taus) is tragically real.


What kind of monster can take advantage of two hapless female missionaries spreading the word of God and sexually assaulting them? It was a man named Isagani (Wendell Ramos) who barged in the living quarters of missionaries Loisa (Meg Imperial) and Joan (Alex de Rossi) and raped them one after another.


A father is one who will do whatever it takes to protect his children, especially a precious daughter from harm. But Bert (Victor Neri) became the vicious, inhuman, spiteful dad no daughter would want to have. Sadly, he has a pre-teen daughter Nina (Rhed Bustamente), and he forcibly takes pictures of her naked for an American patron named Jim (Lee O’Brien).