Rayver takes offbeat role in "Ipaglaban Mo"

Hunk actor Rayver Cruz takes on an offbeat role this Saturday (May 9) in ABS-CBN’s hit legal drama “Ipaglaban Mo” as he plays Leon, a man who killed his ex-girlfriend due to extreme jealousy.

Things were going well between sweethearts Leon and Carrie (Nina Jose) until Leon’s cousin Benny (Miko Raval) came along. Benny easily stole the heart of Carrie the moment they first met, leaving Leon out in the cold.

Leon remains puzzled why Carrie suddenly left him until one night, he saw the two getting very intimate. Feeling very betrayed, Leon borrowed the bolo of his friend Greg (Nicco Manalo) and followed the two as they once again succumbed to their bodies urges in a nearby cemetery.

This is where Leon lost it and attacked them. Benny was able to survive but Carrie suffered most of Leon’s wrath, leaving her lifeless before the night ends.

After investigations, both Leon and Greg got picked up by the police as primary suspects. To Greg’s surprise, Leon pointed at him as the culprit and claimed that he was home at the time of the incident.

Will Leon get himself of the hook? What will the innocent Greg to do save himself from being punished by law for a crime he did not commit?

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