Carlo Aquino betrays illiterate brother for money in Ipaglaban Mo

Older brother Menandro (Smokey Manaloto) worked hard to send Florante (Carlo) to Manila to study. Despite being illiterate, Menandro did everything he can to provide for his younger brother's education. However, Florante went astray because of his vices and failed to finish school.


Florante then decided to return to their hometown after he learned that his girlfriend got pregnant. Instead of disowning Florante, Menandro welcomed him with open arms and even gave half of his land property so he and his girlfriend would have a place of their own.



However, Florante wanted to earn more money for his future family, but he did not want to work for it so he took advantage of Menandro's inability to read and write. He made him sign a supposedly deed of donation, that was actually a deed of absolute sale for his entire land property. Menandro only learned about it when the buyer insisted them to leave the property.

Disappointed by his younger brother’s betrayal, Menandro fought for his rights over his piece of land. Did the court take his side and did he recover his property? Did Menandro forgive Florante?


Also joining the cast in this week’s episode titled “Kaya Ba Kitang Itakwil?” directed by Lyan Suiza are Eda Nolan and Niña Dolino.

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