PAANDAR 2017: 10 celebrities who made their acting debut on Ipaglaban Mo this year

There’s always a first time for everything. Just like this year, many Kapamilya celebrities starred for the very first time in Ipaglaban Mo, which is now on its third year on air. Before the year ends, as part of Paandar 2017, let us list down the first timers in the legal drama series and look back at their memorable performances on the show.

Maxene Magalona

Maxene appeared in the April 8 episode entitled “Suspetsa.” She portrayed the role of a lesbian named Beth, a hardworking and friendly janitress of a school. She was very close to the teachers like Marie (Alessandra De Rossi). She was stabbed to death by Marie’s husband, Robert (Bernard Palanca), when he thought that she had a relationship with his wife.

Jhong Hilario

Jhong starred in the May 13 episode entitled “Hinala.” He played the role of Ely, the husband of Anna (Ritz Azul), a pregnant woman who was found hanging from a tree. Before her death, the couple had a major fight and news about it reached her father, Val (Allan Paule). When Val decided to pay them a visit, he discovered that his daughter was already lifeless.

Cristine Reyes

Cristine appeared in the May 27 episode entitled “Takas.” She portrayed the role of Karen, an industrious and loving mother who worked for a nail salon. One day, Myla (Arlene Muhlach), one of Karen’s loyal clients, convinced her that she would take her daughter to the mall. Karen easily agreed since she trusted Myla. Hours later, the two were nowhere to be found. Apparently, Myla kidnapped and sold Karen’s daughter to a complete stranger.

Zaijian Jaranilla

Zaijan starred in the June 10 episode entitled “Dukot.” He played the role of Pong, one of two teenagers who were abducted by a man pretending to be a business client. He and Jake (Bugoy Cariño) grew up like brothers as Pong’s family works for Jake’s household. One day, the two went with a man who claimed to have some business with Jake’s family, however, the man was just lying and they were abducted.

Angelica Panganiban

Angelica appeared in the July 1 episode entitled “Bugbog.” She portrayed the role of Claire, a battered wife who accidentally killed her husband. She was physically and emotionally abused by Dante (Wendell Ramos) who was addicted to gambling and alcohol. Despite being pregnant, she was continuously being beaten up by her husband until she realized that she already had enough.

Ellen Adarna

Ellen starred in the September 16 episode entitled “Bihag.” She played the role of Cherry, one of the two women who became victims of the flesh trade abroad. Cherry and Hazel (Miho Nishida) accepted the offer of Glenda (Sunshine Garcia) to work in Malaysia as makeup artists. However, when they arrived there, they found out that it was just a trap and the two were forced to work in the world of sex trade.

Rufa Mae Quinto

Rufa Mae appeared in the September 23 episode entitled “Duda.” She portrayed the role of Angie, a wife and mother who was killed by her husband because of doubt and jealousy. Angie has long been suffering since she was married to her abusive husband, Randy (Gerard Madrid). One day, her ex-lover Louie (Ron Morales) came back into her life and he became close to her kids. Because of extreme jealousy, Randy murdered his wife to prevent her from reconciling with Louie.

Kisses Delavin and Marco Gallo

Kisses and Marco starred in the October 14 episode entitled “Groupfie.” Kisses played the role of Diane while Marco played the role of Jerome. When Anna (Ella Cruz) found out that her friend Diane was already in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Jerome, she decided to post scandalous photos of Diane with her friends on social media. After seeing the posts online, Diane decided to report it to school authorities.

The late Franco Hernandez was also one of the cast members of “Groupfie.” Just like Kisses and Marco, it was also his first time to appear in “Ipaglaban Mo.”

Sharlene San Pedro and Gladys Reyes

Gladys and Sharlene appeared in the November 25 episode entitled “Kulam.” Gladys portrayed the role of Cristy while Sharlene portrayed the role of Ria. The two played mother and daughter who took matters to court after being rumored to be witches. They were also blamed for the deaths and odd occurrences in their neighborhood. To provide for her daughter’s education, Cristy sold herbal medicines and offered home service massages. One day, their neighbors began spreading lies about them that the two were witches.

Aljur Abrenica

Aljur starred in the December 2 episode entitled “Banggaan.” He played the role of Emman, a husband who sought justice after his wife was accidentally killed in a road rage incident. He was overjoyed when he found that his wife, Cecille (Maika Rivera), was pregnant again. One day, a car almost hit them. Instead of letting it pass, he was so mad that he followed the car driven by Javier (Efren Reyes). A confrontation ensued between the two men that ended up with Javier pulling out a gun and killing Cecille.

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