“Ipaglaban Mo” tackless mysterious case of Pinay nurse found dead abroad

A mother and father’s dream for their daughter gets shattered after she is mysteriously found dead abroad in an alleged suicide this Saturday’s (Jan 21) in ABS-CBN’s hit legal drama “Ipaglaban Mo.”

Gia (Meg Imperial), a hardworking nurse, in Saudi Arabia only hopes to give her family a better life. At 25, she has already achieved so much and made her parents proud of her.

Until one day, a devastating piece of news shocks them -- Gia is found by her roommate lifeless after allegedly taking her own life by poisoning herself, according to the autopsy report sent by the recruitment agency.

However, NBI’s investigation says otherwise, concluding that criminal aggression might have caused her death because of the bruises found all over her body.

How will justice be served for Gia? What really happened to her?

Joining the cast in this week’s episode are Juan Rodrigo, Tanya Gomez, and Yana Asistio.

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