Gardener rapes househelp under employer’s order in “Ipaglaba Mo”

Who will be held liable when a perverted employer forces his garderner to sexually abuse his househelp while he watches?

Find out this Saturday (Feb 11) as Atty Jose and Jopet Sison tackle this odd case in ABS-CBN’s hit legal drama “Ipaglaban Mo.”

A young and innocent Rina (Shy Carlos) works as a house help for a man named Anton (Paolo Paraiso) in hopes of having a better life for her and her family.

There, she meets gardener and pool boy Lando (Edgar Allan Guzman), who becomes close to her. Eventually, Lando developsfeelings for Rina, but she is not ready for a relationship yet, so they just remain good friends.

One day, their friendship is put to test when Anton points a gun at Lando and forces him to rape Rina. Out of fear, Lando follows Anton.

After the horrifying incident, Rina immediately files a case against Lando and Anton. Will Lando be held liable even if he was only forced by Anton?

Joining the cast in this week’s episode are Kitkat and Maricar de Mesa.

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