Yam and JM’s mukbang session, behind-the-scene happenings on the lock-in set of Init Sa Magdamag

Fans should know by now that they can count on Yam Concepcion for sneak peeks of behind-the-scene happenings in the primetime drama Init sa Magdamag. The Kapamilya actress updated her YouTube channel with a new vlog post – just a chronicle of all the fun, ‘kulitan,’ and serious business on their lock-in taping in Tanay. Check out this video!

Teamwork and dedication

At the start of the video, we see a group of people helping JM De Guzman clean his face and body of fake blood used in his accident scene with Yam. Kudos to the whole team for the spot-on set design and the actors’ bloody look. Plus points also for making another scene extra romantic by spreading fresh rose petals around Rita (Yam) and Peterson (JM)’s room. Who’s taking notes from the art department?

We also witness another sign of professionalism as JM continued to tape despite a set accident. He showed his deep wounds on the forehead. JM had to get four stitches so he can go on with the taping.  

Yam also captured the bit players taking on their rehearsals and rally scene seriously, but not without striking a pose when they noticed her filming them in-between takes.

Onscreen lovers, off-cam besties

JM’s puppy named Koosh was there to spread cuteness. Being pet parents is one of the many things that make Yam and JM click. They even look like best friends! Check out their banters and playtime during break. She was also extra malambing to him when he got injured, and in a separate said “sorry” about the incident.

The cast and crew surprised Director Ian Lorenos on his birthday. Plus, JM and Yam pigged out together in their own version of seafood mukbang.

Love begins to get complicated in Init sa Magdamag as the past intertwines with the present. Peterson (JM) and Cong. Rita (Yam) is considering IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) to get pregnant, driving them closer to Doc Tupe (Gerald Anderson), Rita’s great love.

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