Kilig scenes prove Rita and Tupe’s enduring love

Have you ever experienced a love so great that no matter how many years pass by, no other love can seem to compare? It’s rare but when found, it’s extremely precious.

This is the type of love Rita (Yam Concepcion) and Tupe (Gerald Anderson) have in the romantic drama teleserye Init Sa Magdamag and the proof of it all can be seen in this Kapamilya Toplist compilation.

Rita and Tupe went through almost all kinds of relationships with each other — from enemies to friends to lovers — so it’s clear how strong their bond is. The terrible twist of fate, however, put a halt to their growing love, causing the two to go on separate paths.

Tupe went on to become the helpful doctor he always dreamed to be while Rita found a new love in Peterson (JM De Guzman) and tied the knot. What’s interesting is that Tupe and Rita’s paths cross again as Rita also became the congresswoman of the area where Tupe pursues his projects as the resident barrio doctor.

Even after several years have passed and Rita is married to Peterson, it is apparent that the chemistry between the two remains. During all the times they would bump into each other and meet eyes, they couldn’t help but stare and recall all the memories and emotions they had (or have) for each other.

While working together, Rita also feels the deep admiration she felt for Tupe again as she witnesses the man and doctor he has become. While this pushed her to make amends with Tupe, the latter still isn’t too keen to forgive. To Tupe, the hurt he experienced from their lost love is still fresh, making it clear that he still cannot let go of the love he has for Rita.

While we do not know what will become of their complicated love story, we do know that there’s always tension stemming from lingering feelings between them. Will they explore those feelings further or finally put an end to it all?

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