Kapamilya React: Netizens express wrath, pity on Peterson in finale week of Init Sa Magdamag

In the recent months, Init Sa Magdamag has indeed made our primetime viewing scorching with the intense confrontations and intimate scenes in every episode. Avid viewers were absolutely taken to a rollercoaster ride of emotions as we got thrilled, delighted, vexed, and dejected in watching each episode.

And now that it is on its “The Final Blow” finale week, the goings-on have been more exciting and, at the same time, more gripping as Rita (Yam Concepcion) and Tupe (Gerald Anderson) have rekindled their bond and joined forces to protect their biological son from the deranged Peterson (JM de Guzman), who has nothing in mind but make their lives miserable and get in the way of their romance.

Now that we’re a few episodes away from the finale, we asked four Kapamilya netizens to share their sentiments and reactions in this episode of Kapamilya React, wherein they spontaneously demonstrated their reactions to some of the remarkable scenes from the last remaining episodes of the well-loved primetime drama.

For sure, many of us also got appalled upon finding out the crimes of Peterson through the confession of one of his henchmen Joko (Manuel Chua), which includes the assault of Tupe many years ago that ensued to his severe arm injury and the murder of his beloved father Miguel (Joey Marquez). One of the Kapamilya reactors regarded how Gerald was still able to evoke emotions despite having no lines, but only with his eyes.

As Peterson was sent to jail, our reactors agreed that it’s just right for him because of how self-centered, obsessed, and vicious he is and expressed their sympathies to Rita, who visited him in prison. But instead of apologizing for his wrongdoings, he insisted that it is Rita and Tupe who have put them in this situation. Thus, they wished him to just let go of his wife if he truly loves her.

Arguably, much to everyone’s dismay, Peterson had managed to pay his bail and get out of prison. However, instead of being regretful, he related to his friend-slash-lawyer his wicked plan of forcefully taking Baby Andrew from Rita and even hurled malicious and false accusations against her. This made the blood of our reactors boil and, at the same time, feel pity towards him. One of them also assume that Peterson does not genuinely love the kid, but only wants to use him to exact revenge on Rita.

And after making them angry at Peterson, we made our reactors kilig by letting them watch the clip wherein Tupe promised Rita that he would wait for her until everything goes well and she’s ready to get back to him. They commented that theirs was what true love looks and feels like and hoped that they’re going to have a happy ending. This, according to one of the reactors, proves the oft-quoted adage that if two people are meant to be together, they’ll eventually find their way back.

Find out if you share the same thoughts or opinions as our Kapamilya netizens regarding the trending scenes in the finale week of Init Sa Magdamag by watching this video!

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