Kapamilya React: Explosive, intense scenes on Init Sa Magdamag stun viewers

“Grabe! Pasabog kung pasabog!”

The most explosive and intense scenes of trending drama teleserye Init Sa Magdamag has put netizens at the edges of their seats. With its burning arguments and shocking spew of lines from the main characters, we can’t help but share striking reactions.

From the beginning, it’s obvious that Init Sa Magdamag would be packed with feisty events. Rita (Yam Concepcion) got separated from her first great love Tupe (Gerald Anderson) after he was falsely accused of a political scandal. Eventually, Rita moved on and found a new love in Peterson (JM de Guzman) and married him. However, their lives get entangled when Peterson met Tupe who is serving as a doctor in Barrio Talisay. It is apparent that a love triangle is developing as Tuper rediscovers his feelings for Rita and Rita and Peterson encounter several issues in their marriage.

The plot already set itself up for gripping twists and rivalry. But given the way the cast is portraying the characters and how the writers and directors masterfully tell the story, Init Sa Magdamag is on a whole new level viewers did not expect.

During the scene where Tupe defended Rita from the townspeople after her reputation was ruined, netizens were left in awe of how Tupe talked about her. They could feel how much Tupe cared for Rita despite everything they’ve been through. Even if she’s in love with another man, netizens still root for Tupe to have a second chance with Rita and be the man she ends up with.

Netizens also had a lot to say with Peterson and Rita’s scenes together. Although we saw how they fell in love, we also witness how their relationship is slowly falling to its ruin.

When Peterson lost the election and he was in rage, Rita tried to show comfort and support as his wife. However, Peterson is already at his worst that he even resorts to hurting Rita physically. Netizens immediately felt anger and hatred towards Peterson because of how cruel he could be to his pregnant wife. While some believe Peterson finally got the karma he deserved after losing the election, they also wish for Rita to leave Peterson and realize that she deserves someone better.

Peterson’s jealousy of Tupe has also consumed him despite Rita showing that she has remained loyal to Peterson. He resorts to hitting her smack on the face. The crushing blow is probably the final straw for viewers.

“Hindi na totong pagmamahal ‘yan, Peterson! Obsession na ‘yan!” There is no saving grace for Peterson, as many netizens believe, and hope Rita will also open her eyes to that truth.

Despite all this, netizens give astounding amounts of praise to the JM, Yam, and Gerald. They were able to bring out intense emotions from fans and viewers because of how they portrayed their characters. The roles in Init Sa Magdamag have definitely set them apart as prime actors for serious dramas.

We have yet to see how the story will play out. Will Tupe and Rita end up together? Will Peterson still change after everything? What will Rita do next? Catch episodes of Init Sa Magdamag on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11.