Kapamilya Confessions: Albie and Kate praise Init Sa Magdamag lead actors Gerald, Yam, JM for their passion, professionalism

More and more are flocking to watch Init Sa Magdamag because not only does it have a new and exciting story featuring big stars Yam Concepcion, Gerald Anderson, and JM de Guzman, it also gives much-deserve airtime to our favorite Kapamilyas Albie Casiño and Kate Alejandrino.

Get to know more about the talented stars Albie and Kate and their experience as part of the Init Sa Magdamag cast in this special Kapamilya Confessions episode.

Before getting into the burning questions of fans, Albie and Kate took on the “Complete the Sentence Challenge” where we discover intriguing fun facts about them such as their dream superpowers or their profession if they weren’t a Kapamilya celeb. We also get to know how much Kate loves her dogs and how pumped up Albie is about working out and going to the gym. You’ll have to watch the video to find out the rest!

As for all the juicy questions, netizens immediately wanted to know how it was like for them to work with Yam, Gerald, and JM on Init Sa Magdamag. Both expressed how happy they were because the experience was not only fun, they also got to appreciate how passionate and professional their co-stars were as artists.

The challenges for Albie portraying a gay character was also one that came up. Albie isn’t new to gay roles, but he definitely loves the challenge. He mentioned that he was able to internalize and portray Raymond, his character, well because Direk Raymund Ocampo himself guided him and served as his inspiration for the character.

The biggest hurdle he experienced on set, however, is when his character is trying to act straight. Even though he is straight in real life, Albie explains why it is quite complex, “Kasi I’m a straight guy playing a gay character playing a straight character”.

The two also talked about the experience of filming a teleserye in the middle of the pandemic. They both consider it a blessing to be able to work during these trying times. For Kate, it also served as a short time to be free from any worries and feel normal again since they were in a little bubble of their own for the lock-in tapings.

Kate and Albie also excitedly let us know that the cast of Init Sa Magdamag have tons of fun behind-the-scenes. The boys would sometimes be working out, swimming or playing sports together. Most of them would also sing their hearts while jamming together. And their most favorite bonding activity? Food trips!

Regardless if it’s the pandemic, they still have fun and enjoy life. They even got to see some positive outcomes from the situation. Kate realized that staying at home made her appreciate the things around her more because she’s removed from the hustle-and-bustle life before. Because of the challenges of the pandemic, Albie also learned that “it’s ok to now have everything under control” which made him more adaptable to change and problems that arise. 

As the interview neared its end, netizens made sure to ask what they should look forward to in Init Sa Magdamag.

When asked if their respective characters, who are best friends of Yam’s character Rita, will have their own love interests, Albie joked how there might be a triple date soon. Kate, however, didn’t want to give anything away and only replied, “Abangan n’yo na lang.”

Albie also mentioned how he’s excited for the world to see how lead stars Yam, Gerald, and JM poured their talent into this project and how they evolved as artists compared to their previous roles in other teleseryes.

For the romantic drama serye’s story, Albie and Kate assured us that there are a lot of amazing things in store for us at Init Sa Magdamag . Kate added that the viewers will also love the progression of the story and its characters claiming “Walang good person, walang bad person… Sobrang human lang ng lahat ng characters dito. We’re all flawed.” 

Catch Albie Casiño and Kate Alejandrino in Init Sa Magdamag, weeknights after Huwag Kang Mangamba, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11.