Alexa Ilacad’s girly and grunge boots collection

In the world of showbiz wherein artists come and go, Alexa Ilacad manages to stay and stand out by living with her own brand. She’s an embodiment of an empowered young woman – beautiful and smart, with a style that’s both girly and grunge. The key to pulling off her edgy fashion sense? Versatile boots! Alexa shares her collection of shoes from an international brand in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

She has a total of 16 pairs from her favorite brand. Alexa’s tip to those who wish to collect shoes or anything is to begin with the basics. By starter, she meant the classic black combat boots, which her character, Hannah, wears in Init sa Magdamag. “Black siya pero may kinang, parang rainbow ‘yung kulay niya ‘pag nailawan so very perfect.” Another reason to love this pair is it makes her two inches taller.  

Alexa considers comfort in choosing the perfect boots, although the ‘breaking in’ period is normal, meaning a new pair of boots usually hurts when worn for hours. They need a little time to soften and feel more comfortable. 

Boots are Alexa’s favorite travel souvenir. When she went to the United States, she bought a pair that looks like mermaid scales. She dreams to wear them on a gig or show. She also scored two classic black pairs in Korea – one that comes with heels and the other one was smaller than her usual size so she had to force her feet in. “Tapos hindi ko na siya matanggal sa paa ko for some reason. So sabi ko, para sa akin talaga to.”

She also has white boots in the collection. The first one is a classic white with a zipper which is identical to that of Blackpink Rose. The other white pair has a pretty black ribbon lace. 

She’s got cherry red boots to match her guitar and a basic brown which she thinks can also be worn by men.

On to the more colorful styles, Alexa showed us a pair of purple glittery boots she wore for a mall show, “Mukha akong nakapambahay pero nung sinuot ko ‘to, buo na ‘yung outfit ko.”

She has a very feminine pair of light pink boots. It has snakeskin leather material that glows like a rainbow under the light. She also has one in classic silver.

Another pair comes in silver and has a shimmery effect, a gift from her cousin in the United States. Her dad also gifted her with boots in gold metallic chrome which she hasn’t used yet.

Her other gold pair comes with shimmer and satin lace. Probably one of her most memorable boots comes in the shade of rose and has a holographic rainbow effect. She specifically bought them for a Blackpink concert. “Habang nanonood ng concert, parang may pumasok na insekto sa loob so sobrang nagkaroon ako ng maraming sugat sa paa to the point na naka-medyas na lang ako palakad ng parking after the concert,” shared Alexa.

The Kapamilya star is a fan girl as well, calling herself a certified Blink (the Blackpink fandom) and Belieber (a Justin Bieber fan). She even created a Bieber fan account. She’s also one of those Kapamilya beauties often persuaded to join pageants but Alexa clarified that she’s not interested at the moment.