Albie Casiño on Init Sa Magdamag

Kapamilya actor Albie Casiño stepped out of the Init Sa Magdamag taping bubble loaded with lessons, discoveries, and amusing stories about his co-stars. Check out his “revelations” about the cast in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

Albie played the effervescent Raymond, Rita (Yam Concepcion)’s best friend, who showed qualities of loyalty and zest throughout the series. While it was so easy to laugh at Raymond’s character, Albie said it wasn’t his intention to appear funny. After all, the series falls under ‘drama.’ Finding him hilarious, therefore, means his comedic flair was so natural.

Take for instance the birthing scene with Rita, Tupe (Gerald Anderson), and Meggy (Kate Alejandrino). It was supposed to be serious akin to real-life birthing. But Raymond’s hysteria was so believable, it turned out hilarious.

It was one of Albie’s favorites. Other than that is the scene where Raymond and Rita went to a birthing class. His third favorite is the group date with Rita and Meggy’s partners. He said he genuinely felt happy for the best friends as they enjoyed that moment after going through stressful times. But his ultimate favorite is a scene in the finale week that viewers need to watch out for.

Albie looks forward to playing new light characters in his future projects akin to Nikko Natividad’s Simon. Boom Labrusca’s character, Lav, also appears interesting to him.

Albie is grateful for the opportunity to work amid the pandemic, saying it’s one for the books and a good story to tell his future grandchildren. Besides the assured anecdotes, he also gained acting techniques and invaluable lessons from his co-actors.

He witnessed Gerald’s expertise in time management. According to Albie, Gerald only sleeps for three hours a night because he has so much on his plate. After tapings, Gerald plays basketball, eats with the gang, then he studies the script and watches their episodes or other series. Albie described Gerald as a hard worker and he admires his work ethics.

Albie learned an important acting technique from JM, who told him to dive deep into a character. “’Pag bumuo ka ng character, kung thirty percent nun hindi ikaw, nagsisinungaling ka. So kailangan mong ipasok ‘yung sarili mo sa character,” he recalled JM’s advice.

From Boom, he learned to enjoy the moment. And from his character, Raymond, Albie got a good reminder that quality matters over quantity when choosing friends. He said Rita, Raymond, and Meggy started in the series with big social circles but there were only the three of them in the latter part. And that’s how friendship usually is in real life. You start with many but end with a few – the best and most loyal that is.

Albie went on to share trivia bits about his co-stars. He mentioned that Gab Lagman would arrive on set bringing a big bag of chips, “Tapos katabi ko siya ng kwarto so sira ang diet ko.” Gerald loves soda, iced tea, and flavoured drinks and Yam likes junk food as well. Alexa Ilacad and Boom are scared of ghosts. Albie said there are ghost stories about their taping location, that’s why Boom would put salt around his room

Family and friendships grew on set of Init Sa Magdamag. Albie is also thankful to Raymond for the happy days in his first lock-in. Raymond was fun to portray, thus giving Albie an unforgettable and easy six-month bubble taping.  

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