Albie Casiño’s condo tour

A true homebody, Albie Casiño turned his condo unit into an all-in-one haven. He has a mini gym, an entertainment spot, a gaming den; and if possible, he would like to have a small balling area in his unit.

In this episode of Kapamilya Chat, Albie took us to a tour around his place. He said he cleaned up before the interview; nonetheless, it’s no chaos on most days. He started the tour around the dining area that doubles as a ‘tambay’ spot with his friends. Albie saved a small area for his podcast shoots and adorned it with posters of his past movies and other displays like paintings and awards.

The entertainment section has a TV and playstation. Moving on to his mini gym, Albie showed a heavy bag gifted by Init Sa Magdamag co-star JM De Guzman, who used to live in that unit. Albie wishes to add a pull-up bar and a small basketball court since he rarely goes out.

Besides JM, Albie loves to entertain fellow artists in his house especially when inviting them as guests in his podcast. Gab Lagman once visited, and soon Ria Atayde. He said he also wants to ‘collab’ with Alexa Ilacad since she lives nearby.

Check out Albie’s condo tour in this video!