Gerald Yam JM passionate scenes

Before the narrative of Init Sa Magdamag has gone complicated and tumultuous, our weeknights used to be filled with passion, kilig, and even laughter as we witnessed how fervent Rita’s (Yam Concepcion) romantic relationships were with her first boyfriend Tupe (Gerald Anderson) and her husband Peterson (JM de Guzman).

Despite working for the first time in this project, we didn’t notice any hint of awkwardness among the three lead stars, especially every time they do intimate and risque scenes on-screen. Their fans and avid viewers are arguably amazed with how they’re able to completely display their most daring and completely different facets that we have not probably seen yet in their many years as actors.

Now that the well-loved primetime series has arrived at its “The Final Blow” finale, let’s look back on five of the most scorching racy scenes of Tupe, Rita, and Peterson in this episode of Friday 5.

After being cats and dogs in the first few episodes of Init Sa Magdamag, we’ve seen how Rita and Tupe blossomed into a lovely couple who never failed to thrill (or even make us envious) with their sweetness. Of course, who would forget their raunchy shenanigan at the falls wherein they did not only make us drool with their sexiness as they bathed in its clear and cool waters, but also made our mouths agape and our hearts flutter with their titillating scene? 

And it seemed that the production had an inkling that the audiences would love it because they did it twice, which was after Tupe helped Rita with her review for the Nursing Licensure Exam. They once again stirred us when he surprised her on the day of her examination and gave her a bouquet of flowers and a good luck kiss.

We have probably found ourselves uttering “sana all” as Tupe and Rita went on an intimate date, wherein they did not only talk about their future, but also had a steamy night together with their naked bodies between the silk sheets, under the blanket of shimmering stars.

However, we all know that various circumstances got in the way of their relationship, which led Rita to Peterson, the notorious scion of the affluent Alvarez Family who eventually became her husband. Before their marriage got shattered by his obsession, irrational jealousy, and aggressiveness, they used to tickle us with their risque bed scenes that arguably blew our minds.

And they also did it a number of times not only because they love each other, but they’d been trying to conceive, too. However, they just could not due to the stress given by their jobs, and was even made more impossible by the permanent injury that Peterson sustained in an accident.

Are we going to see intimate scenes for at least one last time in the finale episode of Init Sa Magdamag? Well, that’s for us to see, so you better not miss “The Final Blow” tonight on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z Channel 11.