10 warning signs of a troubled marriage as seen in Peterson and Rita’s relationship in Init Sa Magdamag

Despite their bitter past, Peterson (JM De Guzman) and Rita (Yam Concepcion)’s married life used to be full of hope and bliss. However, their relationship’s charm has waned because life sometimes is just full of plot twists and terrible mess. In this Kapamilya Toplist, we rounded up ten scenes that show Peterson and Rita’s ordeals dealing with a troubled marriage in Init Sa Magdamag.

One accident proved to be a critical point in Rita and Peterson’s union. It resulted in her surprising political reign and his sterility. She became an empowered woman while he drowned in self-pity and looked himself in the mirror as a useless man. After all, Peterson clings to machismo social standards dictating a husband’s influence based on his capacity to produce children.

Therefore, when doctors discuss his sexual condition, Peterson succumbs to the pressure of still having his own child. His wife wanted to adopt but he prefers to go the scientific route. Peterson convinced Rita to carry their baby through IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation), meaning she would carry the child created from another man’s reproductive cell.

The process itself sounded too complicated, much more the emotional distress that takes a toll on their relationship. Peterson believes IVF is the only way he can fix their marriage. But despite his promises, his insecurities are starting to get devastating. It only opens up an endless saga of heated arguments.

There was a scene wherein Peterson’s jealousy led them to an intense fight that involved shouting and breaking things. Rita cried while trying to fix their broken wedding photo. The house help came and advised her to stop mending what cannot be repaired, saying it will save Rita from further pain. Rita cried all the more and reminisced about her wedding and happy days with Peterson.

It doesn’t help that Peterson’s colleagues and friends are teasing him about being childless and Rita being the ‘boss’ of the household. He went home late from that drinking session with friends, unaware that Rita prepared a special dinner for their anniversary. He tried to make it up to her by getting intimate but only to be reminded of his sexual incapacity. His condition rapidly affected their closeness and romance. 

In-law problems added more layers of conflict as Peterson’s mom Olivia (Tetchie Agbayani) hated Rita since the beginning. Political differences added fuel to the flames. Olivia despised her daughter-in-law for shutting off a shady business project she’s invested in. She asked Peterson’s help in trying to change Rita’s mind but he knows he can’t control his wife.

Rita remained patient throughout Peterson’s troubled and depressive episodes but will she manage to put up with him all the time? Will the decision to undergo IVF save their marriage?

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