10 times Peterson proved his love for Rita in Init Sa Magdamag

The transforming power of love changed Peterson (JM De Guzman) into a better man, who wanted nothing but to build a new life with Rita (Yam Concepcion) despite the rejections and both their troubled past. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist that encapsulates Peterson’s effort to win Rita’s heart in Init Sa Magdamag.

They say that rejection looks tempting to men. The more they are pushed away, the more they crave a woman’s presence. Peterson proved this assumption right when he said Rita brushing him off only makes him want her more. He didn’t mind if she thinks she’s damaged because of a bitter past.

Peterson was there during Rita’s early day of carrying Tupe (Gerald Anderson)’s child. Even without the father of the unborn baby, she found support and care in Peterson, who went as far as giving her free consultations with their family doctor and buying her baby needs.

Nothing would explain the magnitude of love than by choosing to stay amid the darkest days. Peterson never left Rita especially when she lost her baby due to miscarriage. He promised to always be there for her and help her move on.

Passion burned deep in Peterson’s eyes while grilled about his candidacy for the Congress. People were throwing mud at him, trying to crucify him for his wild and reckless past. But he had the right answer and motivation, coating that scene with the immense power of love. He talked about the woman who changed his life, and that woman is none other than his wife, Rita.

The two emerged as the town’s power couple – a politician and a nurse who both have the hearts for public service. Rita was even a big help during Peterson’s campaign especially when he’s questioned about his healthcare plans for the community.

Peterson proves himself a good husband everytime he prioritizes Rita over his own mom Olivia (Tetchie Agbayani). He makes time for intimate date nights. In a conversation, he shared his wish to have their kids and build a happy family one day. He called it Plan A, meaning family life is his top priority over his political ambition.

As they talked about their dreams, Peterson looked Rita in the eye and expressed how much he loves her. His is a kind of love that burns deep, so scorching that it can kill. Rita simply smiled and downplayed her husband’s threatening words, chalking it up to passionate love. But when he said he would kill if needed to keep her, he meant every word.

Did Peterson’s affection for Rita turn into mad love? Don’t miss an episode of Init Sa Magdamag on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.