10 scenes of Hannah and Kiko slowly but surely falling for each other in Init Sa Magdamag

Mind-blowing surprises continue to get us hooked every night as the story of Rita (Yam Concepcion), Tupe (Gerald Anderson), and Peterson (JM De Guzman) reaches its ‘final blow’ in Init Sa Magdamag. But thanks to the youthful romance of Hannah (Alexa Ilacad) and Kiko (Gab Lagman), we also get to indulge in our much-needed light and kilig moments. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist that rounds up Hannah and Kiko’s cutest scenes as they slowly fall for each other.

It was a case of attraction at first sight for Hannah, so imagine the butterflies when her crush, Kiko, was forced to stay in her place due to a debt she couldn’t pay. Them staying under the same roof spelled bickering, the charming ‘asaran’ that reminded viewers of the classic ‘the more you hate, the more you love’ formula.

There was a scene where Kiko struggled to fall asleep due to Hannah’s loud snoring. Piqued by her annoying presence and super friendly personality, Kiko created three rules to limit their interactions. It said they’re not allowed to talk, eat or even have coffee together, and meddle with each other’s business.

In the next scene, he wanted to confront her for working too close with other guys during her sewing lectures. But the jealous Kiko wasn’t able to express his feelings or get near Hannah, as rule number one says.

Tables turned so fast when Hannah found herself clinging to Kiko that night, thanks to the frogs all over the place. She was too scared of the little ‘kermits’ that she unintentionally hugged him. Now, forget about the rules because Hannah would do everything to save herself from the frogs, even if it means a piggyback ride with Kiko.

We know a little crush is getting more real when the guy starts to open up to his father. In a scene, Kiko’s dad, Lav (Boom Labrusca), teased him for being ‘torpe.’ So it led to Lav helping his son make a move by serenading Hannah. “Ngayon pa lang gusto ko na ‘yang Hannah na yan dahil ‘yan ang unang babaeng nagpatuliro sa’yo,” he told him.

Add to that the scene where Kiko dropped by Hannah’s house to make sure she’d have breakfast before heading to work. And during a visit to her parents’ grave on their death anniversary, she was surprised to see him watching her and they ended up enjoying a ‘tapsi’ date.

Love is in the air for Hannah and Kiko, and we hope nothing could cut the blossoming romance, not even when Hannah finds out Lav’s involvement in her dad, Miguel (Joey Marquez)’s killing.

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